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How It's Made. VIDEO: Whelen's 2012 Dodge Charger Demo Vehicle NEW!
Whelen's 2012 Dodge Charger demo vehicle is fully loaded with some of Whelen's newest products!
How It's Made. VIDEO: How It's Made
Check out the "How it's Made" the television series, featuring the making of a Whelen Mass Notification Siren.
How It's Made. VIDEO: How It's Made
Check out the "How it's Made" the television series, featuring the making of a Whelen Liberty™ Lightbar.
Whelen Corporate Video. VIDEO: Corporate Video
VIDEO: Product Intro
Trade Show. VIDEO: " Carrocerias Especiales Ltda. NEW!
Here is a video of Whelen products by our Colombia distributor CarroceriasEspeciales.com taken at a recent trade show in South America.
Backdraft. VIDEO: " New siren for VFD" NEW!
The Vancouver Fire Department is trying out a new siren that they hope will get the attention of drivers with loud music or pedestrians with ear buds. John Daly reports.
Backdraft. BACKDRAFT: "Backdraft Rolls Twice!" NEW!
BACKDRAFT rolls twice and his Whelen lighting is still intact and still working. Can't say the same about the truck though.
Bartow, FL PD VIDEO:
Check out the video of the Bartow, Florida's Police Department and their new Whelen Howlers and lights.
Police Fleet. PDF:
Whelen lightbar in the Nov/Dec issue of Police Fleet
Whelen is a proud sponsor of Special Olympics Connecticut Torch Run 2011
Backdraft. NASA's White Charger to the Rescue
NASA's high-powered 2010-model Dodge Charger, driven by another experienced ER-2 pilot called a "mobile pilot," literally charges down the runway in high-speed chase of the ER-2 to call out descent distances to the ER-2 pilot.
Backdraft. BACKDRAFT: "Click Here for more information on BACKDRAFT!"
How many companies do you know put their products through the "Monster Truck" test? Check out how tough our bar is and the abuse it took.
Lake Township, Ohio Suburban Flip. VIDEO:
"This is our 2005 chevy suburban after a F-4 tornado flipped it on the roof..." - Steve Sims with the Lake Township, Ohio Fire Department. The Whelen Lights and Sirens surviving a tornado.
Special Olympics Connecticut VIDEO:
Whelen is a proud sponsor of Special Olympics Connecticut Torch Run 2010
Exploded Views Pages PAGE:
Whelen's New Exploded Parts Views Page- A product breakdown to find the part you need for your Whelen product.
Michigan State Police NEWS:
MSP Goes LED: Traditional Patrol Light Receives Modern Upgrade
EMSA - Ambulance crashes cut in half. Little sirens have big impact in Oklahoma.
Arkansas Democrat Gazette NEWS:
From The Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Howler Siren Vibrates Ground To Get Drivers’ Attention
Special Olympics Connecticut VIDEO:
Whelen is a proud sponsor of Special Olympics Connecticut Torch Run
Houston police car flips after suspect rams cruiser VIDEO:
Would your lightbar still be working after a rollover crash...... The Whelen Freedom did!
EMSA outfits entire ambulance fleet in Oklahoma with Whelen Howlers HOWLER:
EMSA outfits entire ambulance fleet in Oklahoma with Whelen Howlers.
New Orleans SUVs equipped with sirens you can hear and feel HOWLER:
New Orleans EMS SUVs equipped with sirens you can hear and feel.
VIDEO: Whelen Raises The Bar:
Coming soon to an emergency vehicle near you.
VIDEO: SideKick™ Super-LED® Fender Lights:"Click Here for Product Info"
Here is a wicked slick fender warning light that shrugs off moisture, salt, chemicals and road vibration! Already recognized for its Super-LED® superior performance in the most challenging operating conditions, SideKick adds critical lighting coverage to the sides of your Ford or Chevy vehicle.
VIDEO: Century™ AE Series Amber Super-LED® Mini Lightbars:"Click Here for Product Info"
VIDEO: Mirror Mounted Super-LED® Series Lightheads:"Click Here for Product Info"
Put added unobstructed warning light where you need it... forward and at critical intersection angles.
VIDEO: Avenger™ AVN Linear Super-LED® Series:"Click Here for Product Info"
Twice the LED’s of its predecessor and still a compact little light with a big attitude! Avenger™ packs full-size Super-LED® power that rivals strobe in intensity. This is serious warning protection in a small package that’s easy to mount or transfer from vehicle to vehicle.
M2 Series Super-LED™:"Click Here for Product Info"
Super tough, ultra compact Super-LED® light that packs full size warning power in a small size thats easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle.
Spitfire ION Super-LED™:"Click Here for Product Info"
Super tough, ultra compact Super-LED® light that packs full size warning power in a small size thats easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle.
Fluorent™ Series & Fluorent Plus™ Series Super-LED™ Tube Lighting :"
Click Here for Product Info
Super-LED® Illumination and compartment tube lighting. Fluorent and Fluorent Plus™ are the brightest LED tube light assemblies in the business. Designed for compartment lighting in increments of 9” for a custom fit with off-the-shelf convenience.
ION™ Series Super-LED Universal Light:"Click Here for Product Info "
ION™ is a super-tough, ultra compact LED light that is perfect for mounting anywhere on your vehicle, inside or out.
Towman's Series Lightbars:"Click Here for Product Info"
For the road recovery and towing industry; heavy-duty, long life, and low current draw. Standard with four corner Linear-LED® modules, rear facing halogen work lights and LED brake/tail/turn signals. Add pairs of Linear-LED modules as desired. Control lighting of front of bar, rear or both.
DUO™ Liberty™ Lightbar: "Click Here for Product InfoIt’s like having multiple lightbars in one! LFL Liberty lightbars, SY and SZ Series with DUO technology modules are able to flash different colors in the same lightbar… giving you four lightbars in one! As an example, you can change from an amber Traffic Advisor mode to a red/blue warning mode - without giving up critical light intensity!
Pioneer™ & Pioneer™ Plus Series: "Click Here for Product Info"
All the performance and reliability benefits of Whelen's latest LED technology! Now you can upgrade your outdated halogen or HID lighting with a Pioneer or Pioneer Plus. Floodlights available in three voltages, 12, 24VDC or 120 volts AC. New Spotlight and combination Spotlight/Floodlight models.
PAR36 Super-LED® Worklight: "Click Here for Product Info"
PAR-36 Super-LED worklights are rated to last 50,000 hours and provide remarkably bright light. Available in either spot or flood beam pattern, these versatile work lights feature stainless steel mounting hardware.
Howler™ Low Frequency Tone Siren: "Click Here for Product Info"
An effective added layer of warning when used with your 100/200 watt siren amplifier. Howler provides deep, low frequency tones, which are able to penetrate other vehicles, alerting drivers and pedestrians of your approach.
Inner Edge. Inner Edge®:
This full featured interior lightbar is virtually undetectable when not in operation, allowing you to be seen only when you want to be seen!Low profile vehicle lighting system with incredibly bright Super-LED lightheads mounted in a rugged housing that fits snugly against the front window.
Amber Products. Amber Products:
Preview of Whelen's tough line of Amber Products.
Motorcycle Systems. Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Systems:
Motorcycle systems provide maximum protection to the front, rear and side of your bike.Warning package includes touring box, 12 VDC receptacle, terminal block with fuses, one Strip-Lite™ Series LED brake/tail/turn light, four or six 400 Series Linear Super-LED lightheads mounted on the back and sides of the touring box.
The Vertex™ Series. VERTEX™ Super-LED® Light:
Only 7/8" in height, this small hemispheric LED lighthead is perfect for most applications where size and intensity are critically important. Self-contained unit using an in-line combination lamp driver/flasher.
The new economical Epsilon siren is designed to meet SAE Class A sound requirements when used with most 100 watt siren speakers. Epsilon features hands-free and public address operation, Scan-Lock™ multiple warning tones and horn ring override capability with real time diagnostics.
LINZ6 Intro Video LINZ6:
Here’s a rugged little powerhouse that shrugs off moisture and road shock while giving you “heads up” performance… anywhere on your vehicle!
Simulated Rotating Pattern: "Click Here for Responder LP"Click Here for L31 Beacon"
See Whelen's flash patterns. FLASH PATTERNS:
Check out Whelen Engineering's flash patterns with our new flash pattern viewer.
Experiment with Whelen's flash pattern phasing. FLASH PATTERNS PHASING:
Experiment with Whelen Engineering's flash pattern phases.
Listen to Whelen's siren tones. SIREN TONES:
Listen to Whelen Engineering's siren tones.
Listen to Whelen's siren tones. 3.5" Round Super-LED® Lightheads with Clear Extended Lens:
PDF Installation Guide.

Power Point Installation Guide.

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