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Backdraft Blasts into Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland-Jeremy Slifko brought Backdraft to Baltimore to excite a brand new audience (not to mention another televised show) at M and T Bank Stadium, and it was a great overall experience for the team. The red body was back on, and the luck was better this time around. Slifko qualified third-fastest in racing, then wowed the crowd with a short freestyle that was cut off early by a broken transmission.

"I was happy with what I got to do out there before the transmission gave out,"said Slifko. "Baltimore seemed happy too. We always love getting out here for these big shows, and if I'd had a couple other things go my way, I think I'd have been on that stage. We have tough competition, so it takes a lot of hard work to get where we want to be."

Slifko also mentioned that he was looking forward to Cincinnati in a couple of weeks for another televised event. We will keep you posted on all the updates from this weekend's Holland, New York event.

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Marsh Racing

Marsh Racing is made up of drivers, George W. (Sonny) Whelen IV, Eric Curran, and Boris Said.

Mike Goulian

Mike Goulian is an Aviation Aerobatic sponsored by Whelen Engineering.

Jeremy Slifko

Jeremy Slifko aka "BACKDRAFT" is Monster Truck driver that can be seen with Whelen lights on his truck!

Whelen NASCAR Series