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Backdraft Overcomes Indy Adversity

Backdraft •

Indianapolis, Indiana - Team Backdraft brought in the hot-looking new fire truck and a great deal of determination to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Jeremy Slifko was fresh off a pair of dominating freestyle victories in Albany and ready to rock the sold-out house. Despite some adversity and fixes during the show on the new truck, it was a challenge the team accepted.

"After hopping back into my old truck in Albany, we worked hard all week to get the new one ready for the big stadium here in Indy," said Jeremy. "Sometimes you can work and prepare all you want, but unexpected things happen."

These unexpected events came in the form of drivetrain problems and a broken champagne glass on the truck after a racing pass. Luckily, crew chief Mike Thompson and company had the truck back together in time for a great freestyle run, scoring a 21.

"I didn't want to break the truck again, but my priority always lies with the fans and our sponsors," said Jeremy. "Team Backdraft is ready for anything, and I was happy being out there and able to perform after the problems in racing."

Backdraft is headed to St. Louis, Missouri and another huge show at 100%. With a huge floor of obstacles to race and freestyle on, Jeremy can't wait.

"With the bugs worked out of the truck now, I am excited to show St. Louis my very best!" he said.