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Radford, VA - Jeremy Slifko is serious about two things-his performance on the track, and his dedication to the fans off it. Radford, Virginia brought out the best in Slifko and the Backdraft team, as another great weekend went into the books.

"The fans override everything for me," said Slifko. "I may go to the autograph line after the show upset about something that went on at the track, but when I see those kids in the line excited for Backdraft no matter what, I get right back in a great mood!"

Slifko's devotion to the fans, along with the support of Whelen, FK Rod Ends, and Champion Lubricants, carried him through the day. The 2011 Monster Jam Rising Star of the Year Award winner marched through the racing brackets en route to a close final-round loss in a controversial decision. Being the great role model he is for kids, Slifko just kept right on focusing for freestyle.

"Sometimes things don't go your way, but I have great sponsors and support, and I know that the kids look up to myself and the Backdraft truck. I know I need to represent them well no matter what happens," said Slifko.

Persistence pays off, and a burn-it-down freestyle closed out the Radford show in style. Slifko kept great momentum and showed off total control of the truck, repeatedly putting it on the edge of disaster without breaking, much to the delight of the Virginia fans. When Slifko emerged, he knew by the cheers from the crowd that he'd enjoyed a spectacular run.

After a thriller in Radford, Jeremy took some time to check on the progress and get to work on the new Backdraft truck, currently being build by J and B Racing.

"When you want to win, you have to have the best parts and support," he said. "We love the support we have and are always looking for ways to get better. J and B provides us with the edge we need, and I'm excited to get a fresh chassis underneath me. I can't wait!"

We will keep you posted on Jeremy's travels, including a stop this weekend in Fishersville, Pennsylvania. Stay tuned!