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Globetrotting Backdraft Picks Up More Wins

Backdraft •

New Jersey and Pennsylvania- Jeremy and Team Backdraft have been at it again, crisscrossing the country in search of more exposure for the team and more interaction with the great fans all over the nation. Things got kicked off in New Jersey, where Slifko was able to manage a racing win against a great field that included his father in Eradicator. From there, it was on to Washington, Pennsylvania, and a muddy mess.

"Our trucks' tires don't much like the mud, but we did the best we could," said Jeremy. "I know with some of the sponsors we have behind us, we have to make sure there's never any letdown, regardless of the circumstances. We were pleased with the result and I hope the fans were too!"

If crowd response is any indication, the muddy mess left behind after a semi-final racing pass and then a wild freestyle left everyone in the house pleased. Slifko is simply one of the top young freestylers in the sport regardless of track conditions, and it all showed on this night.

"I'm just grateful that we can do what we do for a living and turn the fans onto the big red fire truck!" said Slifko.

Slifko will have a few more chances to do just that this season, beginning this Friday at Big Diamond Raceway, then on August 25 at the New England Dragway. Stay tuned for more!