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Messy Miami for Backdraft

Backdraft •

Miami, Florida - 2011 Monster Jam World Finals competitor Jeremy Slifko and Backdraft headed to Miami and were met with an immediate challenge-the track was a muddy mess! No matter what the obstacle, however, Jeremy rises to the occasion and puts on a show for the growing legion of Backdraft fans.

"I saw so many great faces in the pit party that it amped me up," said Slifko. "I was still feeling great from last weekend meeting my friend in Tampa (see the Backdraft Facebook page), and couldn't wait to get going."

Jeremy did get going with a strong qualifying effort, then was knocked out early in racing.

"It was hard to keep the truck under control on such a muddy track, but we did our best. Freestyle was going good as well, but sometimes luck just gets in the way."

The luck Jeremy is referring to is some early breakage, with the truck shutting off just as Backdraft was getting into a rhythm in freestyle, catching some big air. But tonight, it was not to be.

"We were disappointed but couldn't do anything about it," said Jeremy. "We maintain the trucks as best we can, but sometimes things just happen. We'll get them next week."

Next week is a show in Tupelo, where Backdraft will look to rebound. We'll keep you posted!