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Mike Goulian as Feature Speaker at FAA’s New England Aviation Safety Expo

Mike Goulian • March 13, 2015

Mike Goulian is a proponent of aviation safety and if honored to be the opening speaker at the FAA’s 16th annual New England Aviation Safety Expo on Saturday, March 28th in Nashua, NH. Mike will kick off the day at 8:00am with his views and experience in improving safety in the skies. He’ll have a presentation rich with videos and stories related to safety, not only at air shows and air races, but in his every day flying.

The FAA will offer a full day or safety eduction and an opportunity to meet and speak with FAA personnel from Air Traffic Control, Flight Standards, the FAA Safety Team, Runway Safety, Airports Division, and the Aviation & Space Education Program. Drive or fly into KASH.

Date: March 28th, 8:00 am

Location: Daniel Webster College Building: Easton-Richmond Center Auditorium 20 University Drive Nashua, NH