Whelen Motorsports

Mobile 1 SportsCar Grand Prix

IMSA • July 22, 2014

Bowmanville, Ontario - Marsh Racing made their way north of the Border with their momentum from their 6th place finish at Watkins Glen. Working to improve and learn with their new Corvette Daytona Prototype the team quickly made the turn around and made their way North.

The weekend started out with some great weather and a lot of excitement to be back at the Canadian Motorsports Park (formally Mosport) where the team has had a lot of experience in the past. Boris Said and Eric Curran both having some fond memories of the lightning quick 2.458-mile circuit in the earlier parts of their racing careers. The original Mosport opened in 1961 and has played host to all levels of racing including, Formula 1, Indy Car, NASCAR, Trans Am and many other Sports Car racing series.

Friday July 11th the team made their way out for their first practice session and began making some changes. The tracks old pavement proved to still have all the expected bumps that have played havoc in the past, and unfortunately even more that weren’t expected. The boys made some changes with ride height and springs and quickly started to improve the handling of the #31 Whelen Motorsports / Team Fox Corvette DP.

Between sessions the crew made some major changes including an entire new suspension package all around, they immediately improved the handling in the 2nd session with Boris giving some positive feedback back to the team. With the good, suddenly came some bad news. Over the Imsa channel came the call "31 off drivers side turn 1" No communication with Boris and the team was unaware of what happened and the condition of Boris. With the TV crews just setting up, footage coming over the live feed was limited with no replays of the situation. The team was left with no immediate information on the severity of the crash.

Still with no communication members of the Marsh Racing team hoped on a golf cart and headed towards turn 1 where they say emergency teams taking Boris aboard an ambulance. It was later confirmed Boris was unresponsive when emergency teams first approached the car. He was evaluated at the track and then transferred to a local hospital. The car was then brought back to the paddock area where the team began to realize with some significant damage to the left side of their prototype, their weekend was over.

Information on Boris’s condition was on everyone’s mind, and to the relief of the team, Boris’s condition was improving, he was responsive and only suffering some minor pain. Further examination found a broken rib and no serious injuries. Boris is also suffering from a loss of memory of the entire crash.

The team as well as IMSA is looking further into the crash to find what may have lead to the crash. Early indications show a mechanical issue was most likely the cause of the crash. The most important part is that Boris is safe and sound, we all know there is only one Boris Said.

As a gesture of sportsmanship, Jim France and the Action Express team wanted to so something to help. Once it was realized the car could not be repaired in time for the race, they couldn’t let the Whelen name sit idle in the trailer during the race. So as a tribute to our team, they ran the Whelen logos on the side and nose of their Corvette DP car for the race. A big thank you to the Action Express team!

The team has been working overtime over the week since the crash to get the car back together and ready for Indianapolis which with host the 8th round of the championship.


July 14 - Car Arrives Home from Canada.

July 15 - Disassemble the entire car.

July 16 - Reassembly begins.

July 17 - Progress being made.

July 18 - Almost Complete.

July 19 - Loading for Indianapolis.

A huge round of applause to everyone at Marsh Racing for completely turning a car around in just 5 days. With out their extra hours and dedication, Indianapolis would not have been a reality.