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Podcast with Goulian: 2014 Race Season Analysis and What’s Next

Mike Goulian • October 20, 2014

Plane Crazy Down Under, Australia’s leading aviation podcast, caught up with Mike at the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Las Vegas last week for candid insight and Mike’s thoughts about this race season, what’s in store for 2015, the rules, his partners and more.

"Just from a technology standpoint, our airplane is a step behind. We have been analyzing all of my flying all year and there may be a tenth [of a second] or two here or 3 tenths there, but nothing that’s glaring, so we’ve focused on the airplane and we’ve made little changes during the year - some bigger than others and I think in reality is there’s no magic formula. It’s just a little bit here and there and finally I’ve caught up. So really for the rest of 2014, it’s in the books, the airplane is what it is and we’ll try to do our best, but we’ll come back next year with a better machine."