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Whelen Engineering Announces Partnership with Callaway Cars and Callaway Competition

IMSA • October 09, 2015

Whelen Engineering announced today its partnership with Callaway on the brand new Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R. Beginning in 2016, the Callaway C7 GT3-R will race amongst the world’s fastest GT cars in a variety of European racing series.

"I’m very excited about working with the Callaway team in Europe next year. They have produced an amazing Corvette that will be a perfect way to promote the Whelen brand. We believe that Calloway’s presence in motorsports, along with their commitment to quality and success will be an excellent fit and help us to expand our sales efforts in the European marketplace." Sonny Whelen says.

Distinguished racers Eric Curran and Boris Said are set to pilot the Callaway GT3-R Corvette in Europe. Boris has driven for the Callaway team since the 1990’s, and Eric is prominent racer with an impressive history racing Corvettes. Boris has captured pole position at Le Mans in a Callaway Corvette and Eric recently celebrated major victories at Detroit and Road America in the IMSA Tudor Prototype Series in a Whelen Corvette.

"It is really exciting to be entering into yet another program with Whelen Engineering. Sonny Whelen has been a close friend, sponsor, and teammate of mine for 9 years so to be venturing into a new program combined with Callaway Cars is a really big deal. All the guys at Callaway have been good friends for over 15 years and I’ve done a lot of work with the Callaway Car Company," Eric Curran says. "Boris and I have been teammates for many years in the Whelen Engineering GT Corvette. It’s exciting to be teammates with Boris again and to combine all these things made in America. American drivers, two of the highest quality companies in America, driving an American Corvette over in Europe."

"I’m excited to be back in a Corvette with Whelen and Eric. We had many great years together in the past and to do it all over again with my good friends at Callaway is the perfect fit. I’ve always said that Corvette teams should all have American drivers and an American sponsor. This is how it should be. This Whelen Callaway GT3 Corvette is the coolest looking race car I’ve ever seen and we get to drive it!" Boris adds.

The C7 GT3-R will be campaigned by Callaway Competition’s in-house race team. Founded in 1976, Callaway Cars is an automotive engineering and manufacturing company that produces high performance specialty vehicles. Callaway Car’s headquarters is located in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

The car is a GT3 racer with carbon fiber and aluminum components, designed and built to meet or exceed all FIA rules and safety regulations. Powering the Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R is a Chevrolet-based 6.2L V8 engine producing 600 horsepower, mated to an X-Trac 6-speed sequential gearbox with paddle-shift technology. Having put the C7 GT3-R through its paces, the development team is proud to report that it surpasses its predicted performance.

The Whelen sponsored Callaway Corvette was unveiled on October 3, 2015 at the ADAC GT Masters Season Finale at the legendary Hockenheimring in Germany.

"We are hoping to see Whelen Engineering emergency products in every corner of the world, especially in the European market. This racing opportunity can build some big relationships in Europe and open the door to even more opportunities for Whelen." says Curran.

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