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Wild Night for Slifko and Backdraft in Tampa!

Backdraft •

Tampa, Florida-Backdraft is becoming one of the biggest names in monster trucks for nights like this past Saturday in Tampa, Florida. Raymond James Stadium was treated to a wild freestyle from driver Jeremy Slifko, and when it was done, Backdraft was in pieces and there was not a fan sitting down. Making an impression on 70,000 fans in a sell-out crowd is priceless, and Backdraft will not soon be forgotten in Florida.

Slifko started the night off with an awkward turn, as the complicated race course had Backdraft sliding all over the place.

"I just messed it up a bit," said Jeremy. "No excuses for that, but I was ready for freestyle."

Indeed he was, as Slifko blasted off of everything in site, then set his sights on a unique move in an attempt to win the freestyle competition, pulling up a beautiful slap wheelie that carried the length of the floor, but tripping the back wheels over a small hill at the opposite end of the track, sending the truck into a violent cartwheeling rollover. When the dust settled, Backdraft was back on all four wheels, and took off again! The crowd roared its approval as Jeremy launched off of the biggest ramp on the floor and took another nose dive, rolling the truck over and once again onto all four wheels! Raymond James Stadium came unglued as Slifko eventually could not continue, emerging to roars of approval and the lead in the event, ending the night with another top five finish in freestyle. But Jeremy wasn't done.

"I had a mission in mind after I was done running," said Slifko. "I meet a lot of great fans every show, but there was a little guy in the stands that asked to see me at the pit party, so I got on the microphone and found him to give him the firehouse Dalmatian stuffed animal that usually rides with me. Our fans are the best, and I was happy to make his day."

Slifko made good on his promise never to let his fans down, both during his freestyle, then after it in Tampa. After a tremendous freestyle like that, Slifko and crew have a lot of work to do before the next show in Miami. We will keep you posted with results from there!