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Join us in reinventing first responder safety.

Whelen Cloud Platform Brochure

The Whelen Cloud Platform delivers a multitude of capabilities for fleet management and safety. Using the Vehicle Safety Gateway (VSG), it bridges connectivity into next-generation analytics and software and firmware updates, all while helping first responders make life-saving decisions through telemetric and GPS-based data.

Vehicle Safety Gateway

The VSG provides over-the-air firmware and configuration updates from the Whelen Cloud Platform to WeCanX devices. The VSG communicates to the Whelen Cloud using its own SIM card and antenna.


  • 8 logic inputs
  • 1 CANport
  • GPS location (integrated within the cellular modem)
  • CenCom Core system inputs (via ethernet)

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Whelen takes your privacy and security seriously.

The Whelen Cloud Platform is designed to protect your privacy and is built with the most powerful security technologies. All of your content - like your vehicle registries, Live Map data, and configuration library - is protected. We employ strict policies to protect your information.

We partnered with and built upon the AWS infrastructure, including their security model. We participated in an independent third-party security audit and verification of our edge-to-edge network, including our hardware. Hardware modules are secured at the hardware level for a significant gain in IoT device security.

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