Arges® - Revolutionary 360° Spotlight

Enhance your fleet’s safety with the unmatched speed, precision, control, and illumination of the Arges® Remote Spotlight.

Arges® Remote Spotlight

Meet Arges, Whelen’s new remote spotlight designed with first responder safety in mind.

Arges features revolutionary control, with 360° of continuous rotation and a 180° tilt range. Designed from the ground up and packed with Whelen’s most innovative technology, Arges will make you rethink what a remote spotlight is capable of.

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Optic Innovations

Proclera® Silicone Optics are engineered to provide less light distortion and up to 3x brighter light output, better directing light wherever it’s needed.

ProFocus™ LED technology delivers versatility with just a single optic. Switch from spotlight or floodlight with no moving parts, and customize ProFocus to meet every need, increasing your visibility in any situation.

Arges & CenCom Core®

Arges works seamlessly with CenCom Core, Whelen’s latest control system created to enhance officer safety with advanced automation. CenCom Core is powered by WeCanX®, the smartest and most powerful CAN-based communication system we’ve ever engineered. When paired with CenCom Core, Arges can be programmed with Whelen’s newest software, Whelen Command®.

Featuring an advanced user interface, Command is engineered to streamline the entire programming process and allows Arges to be programmed for optimal situational awareness.

Additional Features


Arges has a small footprint which, when combined with Whelen vehicle specific mounts, can help reduce blind spots while driving. Its all-new collision-safe control head eliminates the need for an internal handle.

Control Head

Arges features a control head with a paddle and three push-buttons. Intuitively designed, its small size provides versatile mounting options. Control multiple lights with a single controller.

  • The paddle rotates and tilts Arges for full control and maintains a 1:1 relationship with the lighthead.
  • The home button moves Arges to the home position. When Arges is not in use, the home position is aerodynamic and inconspicuous.
  • Double-tap the home button to auto-sync the controller position.
  • The indicator light on the paddle will illuminate red when the paddle is in control mode for operation with the control head. The indicator light will illuminate blue when the control head is idle and Arges is in manual override mode, allowing the spotlight to be manually moved when standing outside the vehicle.

Rugged Design

Arges features a Black die-cast aluminum housing. Its drivetrain is electronically and mechanically protected for optimal durability.

Arges is the spotlight that never backs down, no matter the impact!

Despite a crumpled fender and a totaled Tahoe, Arges emerged unscathed, undamaged, and fully operational from a wreck in Escambia County Florida.

The crumpled fender proudly hangs in the install garage of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, a testament to Arges’ unmatched durability and resilience.

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