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Phone CT: (860) 526-9504
Fax: (860) 526-4078
Whelen Engineering Company, Inc.
51 Winthrop Road
Chester, CT 06412

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Whelen Aerospace Technologies - AVIATION Products, Customer Service/Tech Support

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Tech Support

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Phone: (860) 526-9504

Automotive Customer Service


Whelen Engineering
Building B
51 Winthrop Road
Chester, CT 06412-0684

Open: Mon. – Fri. 8:30am to 5pm EST

Item Service or Repair

Ship to: Whelen Factory Repair
Building B. 51 Winthrop Road
Chester, CT 06412

Please include: A short description of the problem. Your name, return address and daytime phone number. This form is now fillable.

Return For Service Form

For complete warranty and repair information, refer to your Whelen User Direct Warranty statement or contact Whelen Engineering.

Canada Warranty & Repair

Whelen Canadian Service Centre
32 Steeles Ave E, Unit 8
Milton, Ontario L9T 5A1


Click here for Canadian Warranty Statement

Press and Media Inquries

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Whelen Aerospace Technologies (Technical Support and Customer Service)

Jeff Argersinger

Director, Product Sales
(860) 574-8010

Bryan Bochinski

Aviation Lighting Sales
(860) 574-8011

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