Whelen Engineering Company, Inc.


Common Questions

How do I contact technical support?

Call 860-526-9504 and dial extension 6 for technical support and follow the phone prompts. You can also email us at custserv@whelen.com.

How do I determine the model of my lightbar?

Determining the model lightbar you have is the most important thing you can do before contacting us for technical support group hardware team on a lightbar product. There is a decal that is affixed to the bottom of the lightbar frame in the area where the cable exits the lightbar. The decal will have the lightbars model number. You will need to obtain this model number information and have it ready to give to the technical support group hardware representative who will be assisting you.

How do I obtain information on your products?

You can find detailed product information on this website or submit an email request to catalog@whelen.com to have product information sent to you.

How do I perform basic troubleshooting on the product that I have?

Basic troubleshooting tips:

  • Check for blown fuses in your installation and on the product.
  • Check to make sure you have 12.8 volts and an adequate ground on the products power and ground wires.
  • Make sure all connection points such as crimps and connectors that are being used in the installation are making full contact.
  • Make sure that all wiring is intact and has not been damaged or compromised in any way.

How do I purchase parts for your products?

You can contact the technical support group hardware team and we can assist you with part number information to take to your local Whelen dealer for ordering.

How do I purchase Whelen products?

We sell our products through distribution.  Please contact your local Whelen dealer to purchase Whelen products. You can locate your local dealer at  https://www.whelen.com/find-a-distributor/


How do I use Whelen Command™ software?

To learn how to use Whelen Command software, please visit  https://www.whelen.com/whelen-command/.  This will provide all programming information pertaining to Command software.

How do obtain installation guides for retired products?

You can contact the technical support group hardware team and we can assist you with installation guides pertaining to retired products.

If I am in Canada where do I send my Whelen items for service?





What is the difference between SAE Class 1, 2 and 3?

These are SAE intensity categories.

For amber warning products, Class 3 products provide approximately 40% of the minimum intensity of Class 2 products.  Class 3products are typically used inside buildings where there is no ambient sunlight.

Class 2 products are typically used by utility vehicles and other equipment found working along the roadside.  The minimum intensity for Class 2 products is approximately 2.5 times that of Class 3 products.

Class 1 products are approximately four times the minimum intensity of Class 2 products.  Class 1 products are intended for primary emergency vehicles such as police, fire and ambulance vehicles.  Many States are beginning to mandate the use of Class 1 amber warning products where before Class 2 was the minimum requirement.  Check with local authorities to determine what is needed in your area.

Where do I ship items to be serviced?

Ship items to be serviced to:





Please include the following information:


If  there are any questions on the above information, you can contact us directly at Whelen Engineering Company at 1-860-526-9504 and ask for the Service Department.

Who do I contact for general product support troubleshooting?

You can contact our technical support group hardware team at 860-526-9504 extension 6 and follow the phone prompts to troubleshoot the product that you have.

Who do I contact for service status of my Whelen item or need service invoice information?

You can contact our service department directly at 860-526-9504 and ask for the service department. They will put you in contact with a service department agent who can assist you.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with a programmable product configuration file?

You can contact our technical support group software team at 860-526-9504 extension 6 and follow the phone prompts to troubleshoot your file. Please have your file available to send to the technical support group software representative for troubleshooting purposes.

Who do I contact to help me build my programmable product software file?

Please contact your authorized managing sales representative to assist you with software file construction. Find your local AMSR office at https://www.whelen.com/find-a-distributor/. 

Technical Services Group Questions

Do I need an RMA to send an item back for service?

No. No RMA is needed to send back a product for service.

How do I check status for the product that I sent in for service?

Please contact our service department office at 860-526-9504 to check the status of your item sent in for service.

How do I request expedited service?

On the letter that you send in with the item requiring service please notate you require same day service. We will then expedite your item for service and ship it back to you the same day that we received the item into our service department.

What are the office hours for the technical support group?

We are in the office Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm eastern standard time.

What information do I need to send back with my item for service?

Please complete this form:  Return for Service Form

What information should I have before calling the technical support group?

  • Contact name and number.
  • Model or part number of product.
  • MFG date of product.
  • What is the issue with the product. Be as descriptive as you can.

What is the average turn around time on products sent to you for service?

The average turnaround time for items sent to us for service is 1-3 days from the time we receive the unit.

Warranty Questions

Can I get a copy of your warranty policy?

You can access our warranty policy here:   Automotive Warranty Policy

What does your warranty cover?

Our warranty covers product defects and electronic components failures.

What is the warranty period on LED products?

LED products are covered by a 5 year warranty from the manufacture date of the product.

What is the warranty period on your siren units?

We have two different warranty periods on our siren products. Some sirens have a two warranty while others have a 5 year warranty from the date of manufacture. Please contact the technical support group hardware team to provide warranty information on your particular siren.

What kind of conditions void the warranty on your products.

Broken/damage components from the field, overvoltage conditions, and alterations of the product void warranty.

Who do I contact discussing warranty on any of your products.

You can contact the technical support group hardware team and we can assist you with any warranty information required.