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BroadBand Blue™: BroadBand Blue delivers a higher intensity, creates a larger optical image, and produces a more consistent color, all while being easier on the eyes—especially at night.

Conformal Coating: A thin material that conforms to the contours of the PCB to protect the electronic components from harsh environments and impact.

DUO™ Two-color interleaved LEDs populate the entire lighthead allowing independent control of each color, providing a wide range of color combinations.

DUO+™ Lightheads have two-color interleaved LEDS with independent control of color one and color two allowing both colors to be illuminated at the same time. Example: White “take-down” option and Red flashing warning light in a Liberty™ II lightbar.

Dynamic Variable Intensity™ (DVI™): DVI patterns gradually increase and decrease warning light intensity, which better conveys visual information to approaching motorists at night. These patterns clearly indicate when a vehicle is parked and improves a driver’s ability to safely navigate around a work zone.

DYAD™: Two-level LED technology where two LED colors populate a single lighthead. This over/under LED technology is available in the Freedom® IV lightbar, with Color 1 on the top level and Color 2 on the bottom level.

Encapsulated: Lightheads are fully encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance.

Hard-coating: Whelen’s industry-first innovative process counteracts the effects of environmental and chemical damages to lenses and domes.

Linear-LED® – (Super-LED®): Whelen’s optimized use of the latest generation of LEDs and unique reflector optics to produce highly intense light that has superior wide-angle visibility and rivals strobe in performance.

Low Current: Low current function wires require less than 0.25 amp to operate, allowing for simple operation of each lightbar function.

ProFocus™: Whelen’s innovative single optic LED technology that can be customized and programmed as a spotlight or floodlight, with no moving parts.

ProClera® Silicone Optics: Whelen’s innovative and efficient solution to distorted optical shape and fringe lighting. Proclera Optics features 100% internal silicone optic technology, an increased ability to harness LED output and better direct and focus light, and a fully filled square TIR™ optic to increase optic efficiency compared to a conventional circular TIR.

RotaBeam™: Solid-state “rotating” technology, simulating the appearance of a rotating beacon without any moving parts or motors for long-life reliability.

Scan-Lock™: Whelen’s advanced method of changing a product’s flash pattern. Scan-Lock utilizes an external wire to allow the user to cycle through the entire range of flash patterns, allowing for full customization.

Scan-Lock+™: The Scan-Lock+ app is the simplest way to change Whelen flash patterns. Designed for optimal convenience, Scan-Lock+ features an easy-to-use interface and utilizes a Bluetooth connection. Download the Scan-Lock+ app to browse, test, and assign Whelen flash patterns right from your phone.

SmartLED®: Whelen’s distinctive use of self-contained electronics to power and flash a particular LED product. These products require no external flasher, ballast, or power supply to operate.

SOLO™: Single-color LEDs populate the lighthead.

Split: Two-color lighthead where each color fills half of the reflector.

Standard Current: Lightbar functions are wired directly to the switching device and require switches that are matched to the current draw of the desired functions to be activated.

Steady-Lock™: A new feature in warning lightheads that allows an installer to set the flash pattern to Steady automatically, when used with one of Whelen’s CenCom Core® control systems.

Super-LED®: Whelen’s innovative LED technology.

Sync: Sync provides the ability to connect multiple Whelen devices to flash together or in alternating patterns. Products with this capability allow the user to create coordinating flashing schemes.

TIR™ (Total Internal Reflector): Whelen’s optimized use of the latest generation of LEDs and unique reflector optics to product highly intense light that can be directional in nature.

TRIO™: Three-color interleaved LEDs populate the lightheads with independent control of color one, two, and three.

WeCad™: Engineered for optimal accessibility, WeCad lightbar designer delivers the ability to design custom Whelen lightbars with every available option. Adding R65 compliant options is simple, and a bill of materials will be generated to make ordering fast and easy.

WeCan®: Whelen’s proprietary CAN-based communication system.

WeCanX®: Whelen’s smartest and most powerful CAN-based communication system. WeCanX provides true system synchronization, greater speed capabilities, expanded peripheral add-ons, and full support of diagnostics.