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With quality as our foundation, we provide American-made products, services, and support.

Why Whelen is trusted to perform

With over 70 years of history, we have consistently innovated and led the industry in finding solutions to complex problems concerning first responder safety. Why? To ensure that you get home safely every day. All of our product are Manufactured in America, too.

Whelen products can help complete your build

Whelen offers a diverse product range from emergency warning lights such as lightbars and lightheads, to advanced control systems. Every product we make is proudly made in the USA and aims to improve your safety.

Whelen is the ultimate provider

At Whelen, we care about the customer experience. Every step of the way, we offer high quality and responsive service. Our scale of support extends long after purchase, as we have a robust training department to assist with any questions or troubleshooting needed. Meet Austin Cobb, or Sr. Training Specialist.

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