We are creators, inventors, engineers, and designers seeking advanced solutions to complex problems affecting first responder and motorist safety.

For 70 years, our innovation has been guided by creativity, firsthand experience, process, and engineering excellence.



Working together to innovate

We’re creating technological advancements in automated control that our industry has never seen. We constantly drive for change and innovation in the field by working together to spark new ideas. We lead by challenging the current standard and aiming for the seemingly impossible.

Firsthand Experience

Experts in the field

Customer problems are our problems at Whelen. Many members of our team are proud first responders, so we have a personal understanding of what can help the industry.


Design-led thinking

We approach product development and design by evaluating market insights, understanding user problems, and compensating behaviors. After narrowing in on the most crucial problems, we apply divergent thinking to identify all possible solutions.

Engineering Excellence

Moving forward with revolutionary solutions

Our passionate team has the resources to lead the industry in breakthrough innovation at our two facilities in New England. We bring together expansive knowledge and state-of-the-art resources to turn ideas into real-world impact as efficiently as possible. All our products are designed and manufactured in the United States and our on-site testing lab ensures the highest quality final product.

The Future of Tech

Whelen is constantly prototyping new products and technologies. These projects are kept under wraps so our early stage development teams can research, learn, and experiment with concepts until they are ready to bring them to life.

If you are an OEM or agency leader and would like to collaborate on creating the next generation of safety technologies, reach out to us. The best innovation comes from bringing a diverse range of minds and experiences together to attack real life problems.