Set warning lightheads to Steady automatically with STEADY-LOCK®

STEADY-LOCK® is a time-saving new feature that allows Whelen’s most popular warning lightheads to be set to Steady automatically, when used with a CenCom Core® system. Installers no longer need to toggle through Scan-Lock™ flash patterns, saving them time and improving efficiency for vehicle upfitters. STEADY-LOCK is now enabled in the following lightheads: M Series™ DUO™, ION™ Series, ION V-Series™, ION T-Series™, Strip-Lite™ Plus and Mirror-Beam™.

Every lighthead that is STEADY-LOCK enabled will have a lock symbol () on the model or part number label. Detailed instructions about STEADY-LOCK are embedded in the help files of the Whelen Command® Software.

Watch the video below that was recorded in Whelen’s install garage to learn how STEADY-LOCK works, and scroll down for a Quick Start Guide and FAQs.


Quick Start Guide

1. To use STEADY-LOCK make sure your WCX® Control System is on a supported version of firmware and that your STEADY-LOCK enabled lightheads are fully connected to a flash-able output. Once your hardware is set up and connected, click on the Whelen W icon to open the File Menu and navigate to Assign Steady Lock.

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2. With your system connected you will see the STEADY-LOCK window populated with a list of all flash-able outputs. Like the Installation ID window, if you open your configuration file and then open the STEADY-LOCK window it will show you the current Installation ID (if set) along with the hardware that it matches in your configuration. You may select the outputs connected to a STEADY-LOCK enabled lighthead, or simply check the All Connected Devices box (1) to automatically select all outputs. Then click the Assign button (2) to assign those lightheads to Steady.

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3. When the process is completed, you will see a prompt showing that STEADY-LOCK was successfully assigned to your selected lightheads.

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Supported Hardware

  • Core™
  • Core-R™*
  • Core-C™**
  • Core-S™
  • WCX® Remote 8 Expansion Module
  • WCX Remote 16 Expansion Module

*Does not have its own outputs, supports STEADY-LOCK through Remote Expansion Modules
**Supports STEADY-LOCK through Remote Expansion Modules

Hardware Requirements:

  • Core Control System on Firmware Version 3.5.245 or greater
  • WCX 8/16 Expansion Module on Firmware Version 2.5.49 or greater
  • Each Lighthead color must be connected to a supported output
  • Whelen Command software version

Important Notes:

  • For installers not using CenCom Core systems, the warning lights will operate as they always have.
  • All lightheads with the STEADY-LOCK feature ship from our factory with the existing default flash pattern.
M Series™ DUO™
Strip-Lite™ Plus
ION™ Series
ION V-Series™
ION T-Series

* Replace symbol in model number with letter indicating desired color: A=Amber, B=Blue, C=White, R=Red
# Replace symbol in model number with letter indicating desired color: D=Red/White, E=Blue/White, F=Amber/White, J=Red/Blue, K=Red/Amber, M=Amber/Blue

Frequently Asked Questions


STEADY-LOCK is a new feature added to our warning lightheads that allows an installer to easily set the flash pattern to Steady, when used with one of Whelen’s CenCom Core® control systems.

Why was STEADY-LOCK created?

As more fleets begin to use control systems to drive the flash patterns of connected devices, Whelen recognized the need to reduce installation time. Our engineers worked to develop technology that automatically sets our lightheads to Steady, saving installers time on every lighthead and depending on the configuration, saving them frustration too.

How do I know if my lighthead has STEADY-LOCK?

Every lighthead that is STEADY-LOCK enabled will have a lock symbol on the model or part number label. This is the only way to clearly identify lightheads with STEADY-LOCK. There is no other visual difference between the products.

How do I access the STEADY-LOCK feature?

STEADY-LOCK requires a Core™-based control system with lightheads that have STEADY-LOCK enabled. To activate the STEADY-LOCK feature, the lightheads need to be connected to a flash-able output on the Core device and the Core system needs to be connected to your computer. Then just open Whelen Command on your computer and select the STEADY-LOCK option within the main dropdown menu. Choose which outputs you want to set to Steady, click “go” and Core will handle the rest.

Why do I need to select the outputs I want to set to Steady?

This choice allows for greater flexibility and control. By selecting the outputs set to Steady the lighthead can be configured to custom specifications. For example, there may be some outputs that don’t have a device connected to them, or you don’t want included in the STEADY-LOCK function. Conversely, if you want to run STEADY-LOCK on every output there is a “select all” option as well. It’s your choice.

What if all the connected devices ARE NOT STEADY-LOCK Enabled?

If your installation contains devices that do not have the STEADY-LOCK feature and you are planning to flash the device with Core, you will need to Scan-Lock™ the flash pattern to Steady as you have done in the past.

What order will the outputs be set to STEADY-LOCK in?

The selected outputs will be set sequentially one at a time.

Can STEADY-LOCK be set using only USB power?

No. Core and any connected peripherals must be powered on in order to display in the STEADY-LOCK window.