Enhancing Nighttime Safety for All

Whelen’s newest innovations calm the scene™ and allow first responders to focus on critical tasks, while also improving motorists’ ability to navigate emergency scenes safely.

Lowering Intensity

Lowering warning light intensity at night reduces glare, allows drivers to feel less stress, and increases their ability to safely navigate around a scene.

Removing Edges

DVI™ ENABLED light patterns eliminate flash edges and gradually increase and decrease warning light intensity to better convey visual information to approaching motorists.

Slower Flash Patterns

Slowing the flashes-per-minute down allows the motoring public to better absorb their surroundings, process the environment and feel more at ease as they navigate the roadway.

Synchronized Flash Patterns

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Synchronization of flash patterns and tones has been shown to improve motorists’ response times and ability to see first responders on the scene.

Scene Safety in Action

Vehicle to Vehicle Sync

On October 12, 2022, just before 6:30am, the San Rafael Fire Department and San Rafael Police Department were dispatched to a report of a vegetation fire in a residential neighborhood off of Point San Pedro Road. The first responders located a small vegetation fire and were able to extinguish it before it was able to burn about a quarter of an acre. Officers on scene had to close down the number two (right) eastbound traffic lane during the incident. The four police cars that responded to this incident all had Whelen’s vehicle to vehicle (V2V) sync installed in them. A police supervisor, while picking up traffic cones, noticed the synchronized left traffic advisory pattern and recorded the video.

A Calm Scene is a Safe Scene

Our latest technology is pushing the boundaries of highway safety. Our Vehicle-to-Vehicle synchronization (V2V Sync), Dynamic Variable Intensity™ (DVI), and the most powerful control system available, CenCom Core®, increases safety for both first responders and motorists. These innovations bring nighttime safety to a whole new level.

Control Systems

Whelen’s intelligent control systems enhance nighttime safety and situational awareness with cutting-edge technology and customization.


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