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A revolution in vehicle communication

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The best way to keep your fleet up-to-date, enhance safety, and more.

The Whelen Cloud Platform is a cloud-based vehicle communication platform that sends and receives data through cellular networks.

Manage vehicle configurations and firmware updates over-the-air, create faster response times with real-time information to pinpoint vehicle locations, and easily organize your fleet and Whelen product information. All of your data is safe and available, wherever you are.

With the Whelen Cloud Platform, you get everything you need to manage your fleet.

Seamless Account Management and Security

Firmware OTA

Easily manage your Whelen firmware over-the-air. Quickly push firmware updates to your entire fleet and receive update notifications instantly.

Mobile Ready

Easily and quickly register Whelen hardware and fleet vehicles right from your smart phone or tablet.

The Whelen Cloud Live Map

The Whelen Cloud Platform Live Map provides realtime information to accurately pinpoint where fleet vehicles are located, creating faster response times and advanced situational awareness.

User Accounts

Easily create multiple Whelen Cloud Platform user profiles and manage user roles and access

Fleet Vehicle Registry

Add, modify, view, and organize all of your vehicles from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Whelen Device Registry

Manage a complete list of Whelen devices installed in your vehicles.

Vehicle Playback

This innovative feature allows you to follow a vehicle’s movements over any 24-hour period, or 6 hours if you’re looking for additional granularity.

Analytics & Reporting

Take control of your fleet with analytics now available through the Whelen Cloud Platform. Easily store, gather, and visualize your vehicle and fleet statistics to generate custom reports. View miles driven, heatmaps indicating where vehicles travel the most, and response mode information such as speed and location.

Device Lock

Prevent configuration modifications and firmware updates to individual vehicles. Designated users can lock individual vehicles, groups of vehicles, or the entire fleet from a simple workflow.


Utilize set geographic boundaries to trigger automated functions that can help keep first responders and motorists safe. Program lights and tones to change automatically as a vehicle approaches an intersection until it reaches a safe location.

Traffic Preemption

The Whelen Cloud Platform has now integrated with GTT’s Opticom Cloud Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) Solution. Opticom mitigates risk and expedites emergency response time by clearing intersections and giving officers the green light to respond to emergencies safely. Opticom has reduced intersection crash rates by up to 70% while enabling officers to arrive up to 25% faster.

Enhance the Safety of First Responders, Roadway Workers, and Motorists with Digital Alerts

Emergency response vehicles can send digital alerts to notify approaching motorists that they’re up ahead, preparing drivers to slow down and safely navigate around emergency scenes.

Whelen now offers Responder-to-Vehicle (R2V®) Digital Alerts from HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud® service through our Vehicle Safety Gateway® and Whelen Cloud Platform®. Safety Cloud protects responders by enabling you to deliver advance-warning digital alerts to drivers notifying them when emergency vehicles are ahead. Safety Cloud alerts are received through navigation apps and vehicle infotainment systems up to 30 seconds in advance, reducing the risk of collision by up to 90% and making roadways safer for motorists and first responders.

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Collision Avoidance

Collision Prevention

Help prevent incidents by delivering real-time alerts to emergency vehicles responding to a scene.

Keeping your data safe

Whelen takes your privacy and security seriously. The Whelen Cloud Platform is designed to protect your privacy and is built with the most powerful security technologies. All of your information – like your vehicle registries, Live Map data, and configuration library – is protected. We employ strict policies to protect your information.

We partnered with and built upon the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, including their security model. We participated in an independent third-party security audit and verification of our edge-to-edge network, including our hardware. The VSG™ is secured at the hardware level for a significant gain in IoT device security.

Outfitting your fleet with WCP starts here.

The Vehicle Safety Gateway

With its compact size, the Vehicle Safety Gateway (VSG) bridges connectivity to provide over-the-air communication from the Whelen Cloud Platform to CenCom Core™ and WeCanX® devices. The VSG communicates to the Whelen Cloud using its own SIM card and a separate low-profile antenna.

VSG Specifications

  • GPS location (integrated within the cellular modem)
  • CenCom Core system inputs (via ethernet)
  • 8 logic inputs
  • 1 CANport™
  • 7.1″ L x 4.6″ W x 1.1″ H

Antenna Specifications

  • Aerodynamic design
  • Low-loss, high-quality cables from the antenna to the VSG provide a strong signal
  • IP67 rated

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit whelen.com/regulatory.

All Whelen devices. One seamless experience.

When you use WeCanX products, CenCom Core, or the Whelen Cloud Platform, you’re able to do incredible things to keep everyone safe. When you use them together, you can fully integrate and connect your Whelen products.

Cencom Core + WeCanX Devices

Working together to keep everyone safe

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