Whelen Engineering Company, Inc.

Whelen Cloud

The Whelen Cloud Platform delivers a multitude of capabilities for fleet management and safety. Using the Vehicle Safety Gateway™ (VSG™), it bridges connectivity into next-generation analytics and software and firmware updates, all while helping first responders make life-saving decisions through telemetric and GPS-based data.

WCP Features


Easily create multiple Whelen Cloud Platform user profiles and manage user roles and access.


Add, modify, view, and organize all of your vehicles from an easy to use dashboard.


Manage a complete list of Whelen devices installed in your vehicles. Track product status, health, usage, and warranty information.


Provides real-time information and analytics to accurately pinpoint where fleet vehicles are located, creating faster response times and advanced situational awareness.

Firmware OTA

Easily manage your Whelen firmware over-the-air. Quickly push firmware updates to your entire fleet and receive update notifications instantly.

Configuration OTA

Efficiently upload and push configurations to multiple vehicles over-the-air without a USB cable. Configurations are managed in your Configuration Library.

Mobile Ready

The Whelen Cloud Platform – Mobile Ready.  Fleet management made easy with the Whelen Cloud Platform.  Quickly register Whelen hardware and fleet vehicles right from your smart phone.

Future Features


Utilize set geographic boundaries to trigger automated functions that can help keep first responders and motorists safe. Program lights and tones to change automatically as a vehicle approaches an intersection until it reaches a safe location.

Public Alerts

Notify local drivers of approaching emergency vehicles with real-time updates, reducing response time and helping keep drivers and emergency responders safe.

Collision Avoidance

Help prevent incidents by delivering real-time alerts to emergency vehicles responding to a scene.

Analytics & Reporting

Easily store, gather, and visualize your vehicle and fleet statistics to generate custom reports.

Whelen takes your privacy and security seriously.

The Whelen Cloud Platform is designed to protect your privacy and is built with the most powerful security technologies. All of your content – like your vehicle registries, Live Map data, and configuration library – is protected. We employ strict policies to protect your information.

We partnered with and built upon the AWS infrastructure, including their security model. We participated in an independent third-party security audit and verification of our edge-to-edge network, including our hardware. Hardware modules are secured at the hardware level for a significant gain in IoT device security.