Whelen’s powerful CenCom Core control systems enhance first responder safety like no other by providing the greatest configurability, speed, and expansion capabilities available on the market. Built to scale with your needs, our Core systems are highly configurable and offer advanced automation, remote connectivity, and true system synchronization through the industry’s smartest and most powerful CAN-based communication system, WeCanX®

WeCanX® is the smartest and most powerful CAN-based communication system we’ve ever engineered. Providing true system synchronization, greater speed capabilities, expanded peripheral add-ons, and full support of diagnostics, WeCanX is designed for optimal situational awareness programming.


  • Supports any combination of 99 WeCanX devices, including support for multiple
    Whelen peripherals of the same type on the same vehicle
  • All CANport signals are configurable as triggerable Events*

*Our original WeCan® only supports 8 CANport™ signals

Vehicle to Vehicle Sync

A calm scene is a safe scene with V2V sync. Automatically synchronize lights and tones on vehicles within any proximity to aid approaching motorists.

A Calm Scene is a Safe Scene

Dynamic Variable Intensity™ flash patterns are designed to create a calm warning environment and bring an advanced level of safety to nighttime emergency scenes. DVI™ patterns gradually increase and decrease warning light intensity, which better conveys visual information to approaching motorists at night.

Digital Voice Messages

Configure consistent messaging across a fleet with Digital Voice Messages. Messages can be customized for weather alerts, evacuation orders, traffic reports, bilingual messaging and more. Messages are added through the Manage Digital Voice Messages window in the Whelen Command® software and can be applied to any input.

At the heart of CenCom Core™ is Whelen Command, our cutting-edge software designed to streamline the entire programming process. With an advanced user interface, Command quickly and easily provides updates and new releases and can process hundreds of virtual inputs.

Command features Situation-Based Integration and Events. With Situation-Based Integration, scenespecific functions can be created and automated by utilizing various vehicle components and signals, like automatically turning off a siren when a vehicle arrives on scene. With Events, multiple user-defined rules can be created for specific situations depending on the state of your vehicle, like automatically switching to DVI light patterns when the vehicle is in Park.

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Whelen Cloud Platform

The Whelen Cloud Platform is a cloud-based vehicle communication platform that sends and receives data through cellular networks.
Manage vehicle configurations and firmware updates over-the-air, create faster response times with realtime information to pinpoint vehicle locations, and easily organize your fleet and Whelen product
information. All of your data is safe and available, wherever you are.

Haas Alert and Miovision

Our partnership with Miovision provides even more safety features. Miovision’s Opticom™ Emergency Vehicle Preemption technology seamlessly integrates with the Whelen Cloud Platform to expedite emergency response times by automatically clearing intersections. And our collaboration with Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert makes roadways safer with digital alerting. New features like Responder-to-Vehicle (R2V®) and Responder-to-Responder (R2R™) Alerting send real-time notifications through navigation apps and vehicle infotainment systems up to 30 seconds in advance, reducing the risk of collision by up to 90%.

All Whelen devices. One seamless experience.

When you use WeCanX products, CenCom Core, or the Whelen Cloud Platform, you’re able to do incredible things to keep everyone safe. When you use them together, you can fully integrate and connect your Whelen products.