Product Spotlight | Arges®

Meet Arges, the ultimate spotlight.

The spotlight has been completely reimagined. From installation to precision and control, Arges is designed for optimal safety, usage, and vehicle integrity – in a rugged and durable package.

When Arges was introduced in 2019, it redefined what a spotlight was capable of. The evolution from the intrusive and manually controlled Unity spotlight to the remote-controlled, fast, and precise Arges spotlight created several improvements for safer scenes.

With our CenCom Core® control system, Arges can do even more to enhance situational awareness. Arges and Core can be programmed with our software, Whelen Command®.

When designing Arges, our engineers wanted to focus on what the Unity was lacking to build the best possible solution. This led to Arges’ unmatched speed, precision, and control. These three key features allow officers to be in command of the scene whether in pursuit of a vehicle, searching for a location, or illuminating alleyways.


The unmatched speed of Arges ensures officers won’t miss a beat on scene. Users can easily and swiftly direct where Arges’ powerful light is focused. To help visualize this, view the video below.



A precise and focused output allows Arges to carefully illuminate exactly what officers need to see while on the road. Arges features revolutionary control, with 360° of continuous rotation and a 180° tilt range. ProFocus™ models can go from flood to spot to focus in on what is important. Take a look at Arges in action here.



Arges’ remote control allows for extreme ease of use. As officers navigate roads, they can easily control the direction Arges faces with an intuitive control point. This minimizes trial and error and ensures ease of use for officers. See how this plays out below.


To learn more about Whelen’s Arges remote spotlight, click here, or download the brochure.