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The only brow light that features all-new revolutionary dynamic beam technology.

After months of gathering feedback from firefighters across the country, designing and manufacturing our latest innovation piece by piece, and meticulously testing designs in our optical labs and out in the field, we’re proud to present you with the all-new Field Series™ Brow Light – the only brow light that illuminates your entire field of vision using our revolutionary dynamic beam technology to provide advanced control and maximum visibility with the flip of a switch.

Illuminate your entire field of vision: revolutionary breakthrough optic technology

Far Field

Light up the night with our Far Field optic technology that emits light in a wide and even spread at a greater distance than any other brow light on the market. You’ll have full visibility of what lies ahead so you can act faster during critical missions when seconds count.

Near Field

Our Near Field optic technology directs the light spread down toward the ground providing precise illumination of the immediate area surrounding your apparatus. Operate with enhanced efficiency as you reach for the critical tools needed to get the job done.

Near & Far Field

Combine the precision of Near Field Optics with the depth of Far Field Optics for unmatched illumination that covers your entire field of vision. Combined optics allow you to maximize your efforts and stay safe on any scene.

Sample of Far and Near Fields


The Field Series™ is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. You can trust that your Field Series brow light will perform at the highest level in even the harshest conditions and feel secure in the knowledge that, no matter what happens, your purchase is covered for the entire lifetime of your apparatus. Ask your Whelen sales representative for more information on our lifetime warranty.


Put the light where you need it, when you need it most with variable power distribution which allows you to dynamically adjust how both optic paths are powered – either Near, Far, or a combination of both depending on the needs of the moment.


Much like our popular EZ Scene Lights™, the Field Series™ features multiple turn-on styles from instant to gradual that will allow you to use our brow light exactly as needed in any scenario.


We understand how important it is to keep your rigs ready for a call, which is why the Field Series™ has been designed with serviceability in mind. Lighthead modules are easily replaced within the overall structure of the brow light meaning there’s no need to repurchase the entire unit just to replace a single module.

And because the Field Series is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, replacements are covered for the entire lifetime of your apparatus.