Honoring Our Employees and their Years of Service at Whelen

A new addition has caught the eye of employees and visitors alike in the hallways of Whelen Engineering facilities in Chester, Connecticut and Charlestown, New Hampshire. The 2024 “Years of Service” poster, a testament to the dedication and loyalty of Whelen employees, is now on display in both facilities. This poster proudly features the names of employees with at least 5 years of service and as many as 45 years. It’s a tangible reminder of our commitment to our people and the enduring impact of our mission and values, but most importantly, it’s a celebration of the amazing employees who are integral to our success.

In an era where job hopping is common, the longevity of Whelen’s employees speaks volumes about the strength of our culture and the enduring appeal of our mission. “It’s rare to find a workplace where employees stay for decades, and it’s a testament to the supportive environment and growth opportunities that Whelen provides,” says Andrea DeJesus, Sr. Employee Benefits Administrator in Human Resources.

We spoke with employees from both facilities about what it means to them to see their name recognized on the Years of Service poster and why working at Whelen is so fulfilling.

Peter Woodcock, 46 years

With an impressive 46 years of service, Peter Woodcock is Whelen’s third longest-tenured employee. Peter’s long career at Whelen started at the old plant in Deep River, Connecticut, where he swept floors and unpacked lightbars after school. Over the years, Peter has witnessed Whelen’s remarkable innovative evolution firsthand, saying, “The changes have been absolutely unbelievable.” His work spans from contributing to creating the Edge® 9000 lightbar to over two decades in the outdoor warning department. Despite facing a stroke requiring more than six months of medical leave, Peter’s resilience brought him back to work, where he now enjoys imparting his extensive knowledge to high school students. When asked what that experience was like, Peter said, “I have always felt supported here.” For Peter, being featured on the Years of Service poster is a testament to that support and the opportunities Whelen has consistently provided throughout his career.

Dawn Ohidy, 5 years

Celebrating five years at Whelen, Dawn Ohidy’s journey from lightbar assembly to Supervisor of the Avenger® II and Arges® departments showcases her dedication and growth. Passionate about the global impact of Whelen’s products, Dawn takes pride in her team’s contributions to emergency responses worldwide. “Building lights for emergency responders, whether in Hawaii, Canada, or Poland, gives me a great sense of pride,” says Dawn. She values the rewarding nature of her work and the talented individuals she collaborates with daily. Dawn says seeing her name on the Years of Service poster feels like recognition of the meaningful work and supportive community that define her experience at Whelen.

Bonnie Swanson, 18 years

Bonnie Swanson joined Whelen in 2006, contributing to various departments throughout her 18 years here and building lasting friendships along the way. Now a Machine Operator on the SMT line in Chester, Bonnie cherishes the camaraderie and sense of community at Whelen. For Bonnie, the best part of her job is the people she works with, both past and present. The years of service poster serves as a proud reminder of the bonds and achievements shared with her colleagues over 18 years.

Kenny Roy, 17 years

Kenny Roy, who started in 2007, has devoted his career to the Finished Goods/Shipping department in the Charlestown facility, specializing in international shipping and transportation. He appreciates the growth opportunities and benefits at Whelen and finds fulfillment in contributing to customer satisfaction. Kenny describes his time at Whelen as “wonderful.” He feels honored to have his years of service recognized, reflecting his commitment and the positive work environment that keeps him motivated daily.

Seba Skinner, 8 years

Seba Skinner joined Whelen in 2016 and has advanced from Vacuum Form to becoming a Quality Inspector in the Machine Shop in Charlestown. Seba takes pride in contributing to creating equipment for emergency services and feels a sense of purpose, even if indirectly. Seba says being recognized for her 8 years of service is meaningful, that she respects her fellow long-serving colleagues, and that she values the friendships and skills she has gained. For Seba, Whelen is a motivating workplace enriched by wonderful coworkers and a fun and engaging workplace culture.

For those who have been part of the Whelen family for 5, 10, or even as many as 45 years, working at Whelen is not just a job; it’s a career filled with meaning and opportunity. It’s a place where individuals are valued for their contributions, where kindness and integrity are non-negotiable, and where success is achieved through collaboration and shared accountability. To see the poster instills a sense of pride in knowing our company values its people above all else. It will serve as a reminder that here at Whelen, we not only create innovative products that are trusted to protect first responders, but we also nurture a community of problem-solvers who are inspired to continue our legacy of excellence.

Please join us in celebrating the employees who have dedicated their time and talent to Whelen Engineering! We look forward to many more years of collaboration, innovation, and shared success ahead. Together, we will continue to be the best, lead the way, and make a difference in the lives of those we serve.


Click the poster to view the names of our amazing employees and their many years of dedicated service!