Jesse Love Tours Whelen’s State-of-the-Art New Hampshire Facility

On Thursday, June 20th, our New Hampshire factory buzzed with excitement as we welcomed racing sensation Jesse Love and the RCR crew. The air was steamy with summer heat, but the enthusiasm of the day overshadowed the rising temperatures.

Jesse Love adds his signature alongside those of past Whelen drivers.

Jesse and his crew chief, Danny Stockman, embarked on an immersive tour of our innovative manufacturing facility, where they observed the craftsmanship that goes into each of our products. Our skilled team of workers shared their expertise, revealing the steps behind building the components that power our products. Jesse and his crew chief rolled up their sleeves and lent a hand in assembling a lightbar. From exploring the bustling Lightbar Production area with Janel Palmieri to Jonathan Gibbs from the Program Office surprising Jesse with his very own Whelen fire pit, our journey was filled with memorable moments. Hunter Chambers expertly guided us through the intricacies of Surface Mount Technology, and we wrapped up our tour with Laura Cannon in the Molding Division. Each visit showcased the dedication and expertise of these professionals, highlighting what makes Whelen such an exceptional company!

Jesse Love and Danny Stockman learn the ropes from Janel Palmieri in lightbar production.

Our employees even had the opportunity to meet Jesse and take photos with him throughout the tour. They were excited to engage with him, ask questions, and share their experiences working at the facility.

We were incredibly proud to show Jesse Love around our New Hampshire facility. It was a fantastic opportunity for him to see the dedication and skill that go into our American manufactured products firsthand. We’re thrilled to sponsor and support Jesse as the driver of the RCR Whelen #2 Chevy Camaro in the Xfinity Series. We love seeing him make an impact on the track and hope you’ll join us in cheering him on as the racing season continues!

The lightbar production team poses for a photo with Jesse and Danny.

Learn more about Jesse and check out his stats HERE!

Whelen NH employees took a quick break to meet Jesse and pose for a photo.
Jonathan Gibbs and the team proudly display Jesse’s custom Whelen Firepit.
A group from Building Three poses with Jesse and Danny.