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August 15-18, 2022
Austin, TX

CenCom Core-S

Introducing Core-S, the newest addition to Whelen’s industry-leading Core® family of control systems!

Core-S is a true, one-box solution! Our newest control system has an all-new space-saving design that’s designed to be installed in a console, under a vehicle’s dash, or in other tight spaces. Core-S features siren, input/output, and control functionality in one compact box along with an integrated control head. Like the rest of our Core systems, Core-S is engineered for performance, designed for vast configuration, and built to scale with your needs. Plus, installation has never been easier with connector placement specifically designed for installation in hard-to-reach areas.

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Edge® 9X

Introducing the newest addition to Whelen’s extensive lightbar selection!

The Edge 9X combines the most valuable design aspects of our most popular lightbars with an all-new look and expanded customization! The Edge 9X Series celebrates Whelen’s long history of providing innovative, lifesaving equipment to the emergency warning industry. The Edge 9X is designed for durability, competitively priced, and highly configurable for a wide range of applications. With models available in both Short (9SX) and Tall (9TX), the Edge 9X Series is an ideal solution for any vehicle application.

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Whelen Cloud Platform®

Manage vehicle configurations and firmware updates over-the-air, create faster response times with real-time information, view heatmaps of fleet activity, and easily organize your fleet and Whelen product information. All of your data is safe and available, wherever you are.

The Whelen Cloud Platform has now integrated with GTT’s Opticom Cloud Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) Solution. Opticom mitigates risk and expedites emergency response time by clearing intersections and giving officers the green light to respond to emergencies safely. Opticom has reduced intersection crash rates by up to 70% while enabling officers to arrive up to 25% faster.

And coming soon, WCP® will also offer Collision Prevention and Digital Alerts through HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud®. These new features will make roadways safer by alerting drivers to nearby hazards in real-time.

Whelen Cloud Platform

WeCanX® Tracer

A thoughtful redesign of the popular light arrays, the WeCanX® Tracer™ provides significant improvements in functionality, configurability, and performance. Engineered to increase vehicle visibility, the Tracers now connect over the WeCanX network and offer more customization than ever before. Enhanced optics provide dynamic lighting output and control. Lightheads are daisy-chained together in lengths of one to six modules, with each module containing four individually controlled segments for contiguous lighting display and expanded configuration to meet a variety of needs. Upgraded lens design and IP67 rating for dust and water resistance improve performance and durability.

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Arges® Remote Spotlight

Whelen’s new remote spotlight designed with officer safety in mind.


Arges has a small footprint which, when combined with Whelen specific vehicle mounts, can help reduce blind spots while driving. Its all-new collision-safe control head eliminates the need for an internal handle.

Control Head

Arges features an all-new control head with a paddle and three push-buttons. Its small size provides versatile mounting options. Control multiple lights with a single controller.

  • The paddle rotates and tilts Arges for full control and maintains a 1:1 relationship with the lighthead.
  • The home button moves Arges to the home position. When Arges is not in use, the home position is aerodynamic and inconspicuous. Double-tap the home button to auto-sync the controller position.

Arges & CenCom Core

Arges works seamlessly with CenCom Core, Whelen’s newest control system created to enhance officer safety with advanced automation. CenCom Core is powered by WeCanX™, the smartest and most powerful CAN-based communication system we’ve ever engineered.

When paired with CenCom Core, Arges can be programmed with Whelen’s newest software, Whelen Command™. Featuring an advanced user interface, Command is engineered to streamline the entire programming process and allows Arges to be programmed for optimal situational awareness.

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