Geofence Controlled Tech

MA:0045 • 5/09/2023

Geofence Controlled Tech, the newest feature to be released on the Whelen Cloud Platform® (WCP®), is now live and being used by fleets to enhance the safety of officers and the motoring public. Geofencing uses geographic boundaries to trigger automated functions, like changing a vehicle’s flash patterns when it enters a work zone or reducing the intensity of siren tones when in a school zone.

With Geofence Controlled Tech, fleet managers can now configure lighting and tones to change automatically when a vehicle approaches a particular location. Geofencing can also be used to aid in fleet management by triggering firmware and configuration updates when vehicles return to the garage. The new feature is highly customizable and easy to use, allowing specific Geofences to be toggled on or off as needed. Setting up new Geofences is as simple as selecting the desired area on the map and adding a few details.

We’re excited to share this latest feature with you and further our commitment to protecting those who serve and protect others. Please contact your Whelen sales representative with any questions.

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