M2 Linear Lightheads

MA:0051 • 8/11/2023

We’re excited to introduce new M2 models into our popular M Series™ family of lightheads. These redesigned models now feature a metalized linear reflector, aligning their aesthetics with the rest of the lightheads in the M Series family. And the new reflector allows for increased functionality like DUO™, Dynamic Variable Intensity™ (DVI™) light patterns, and our patented E Block™ technology. They also include STEADY-LOCK™, a time-saving feature that allows warning lightheads to be set to Steady automatically. SOLO™ and DUO models have 74 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns, and all new models have the same mounting footprint as existing models for easy installation. The M2’s small footprint makes it the perfect lighthead for areas where space is limited, like grilles, push bumpers, and fog light housing areas.

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