Dual Howler

MA:0021 • 8/08/2022

We are pleased to release an update to the product offering for the 2020-2022 Ford Police Interceptor Utility. Until today, the HWLFE29 for the Police Interceptor Utility provided a mounting solution for one Howler speaker. We are happy to be able to provide the increased traffic clearing capability of two Howler speakers with our new mounting solution, HWLRB29. These speakers mount in the front fascia of the 2020-2022 model Ford Police Interceptor Utility and enhance the safety and traffic clearing capability that are already provided by Whelen’s industry leading SA315 siren speaker.

This new dual Howler solution provides the ultimate warning for intersections and high-risk areas by producing deep, low-frequency tones that penetrate nearby vehicles on both sides of the Interceptor, alerting drivers and pedestrians to your presence.

Installation instructions with a photo of installation locations can be found HERE.
Price Lists and Vehicle Outfitter will be updated accordingly. Available for ordering now.

Pricing expires 1/31/2023. The mounting bracket model, HWLRB29, is offered at no charge when buying a HOWLER siren, as indicated in the chart on the PDF file linked below.

Download PDF


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