WeCanX® 2250

MA:0022 • 9/09/2022

The new WeCanX 2250 Warning Light Array and Traffic Advisor packs more power into a sleeker design with a wide variety of light configurations to meet your needs. Combining the performance and reliability of our powerful ION™ T-Series™ lightheads with the customization and control of WeCanX, its versatility makes it an ideal lighting solution for a wide range of applications.
WeCanX 2250 is slimmer than our 4500 Series, provides warning options, and allows aerial recognition. Angled end caps create a unique multi-angled light spread, and snap-in assembly allows
lightheads to be easily removed for customization and field serviceability. Whelen Command® enables endless functionality configurations and lighthead placements are easily defined within WeCad™.


  • Utilizes powerful ION T-Series lightheads with patented E Block™ technology
  • IP67 rated lightheads
  • 3” slimmer than 4500 series
  • Flush mount (slide bolt)
  • 10-30 VDC Input Voltage
  • Powered by WeCanX technology


  • 2.28” D x 1.66” (2.57” with Vertex™) H
  • 30” (6-light), 40” (8-light), 50” (10-light), 60” (12-light), 70” (14-light), 80” (16-light)
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