Mic Clip

MA:001 • 3/03/2022


As Whelen continues to navigate global challenges in the supply chain, we are forced to make decisions that may impact the products our customers receive. Currently, we are unable procure the microphone clip (pictured below) that is used with several of our products.

To avoid unnecessary shipping delays, effective immediately, Whelen will be temporarily shipping the following products with the “New Mic Clip” seen below.

You may notice that the mounting footprint looks slightly different. However, the mounting hole pattern is the same and does not affect the functionality or installation of the product. This replacement will remain in effect until we can make a transition back to the “Old Mic Clip.” If you have any questions, please reach out to your Whelen Sales Representative.

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Catalog ModelsPart NumberDescription
CANCTL701-046G550-00WeCanX™ Control Head, Cantrol/Carbide Ctrl 21 & Slide
CCTL701-046J252-00WeCanX™ Control Head, 21 Button/Slide Ctrl Hd
CCTL601-046J253-00WeCanX™ Knob/Slide Control Head
CANCTL401-0486647-00Cantrol/Carbide Ctrl 6 & Slide
CANCTL601-0487496-00Cantrol/Carbide Ctrl Rota Knob
WSMIC32101-066D286-01Microphone For WS-321


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