Vehicle Maintenance from the Whelen Cloud Platform®

MA:0063 • 11/06/2023

Vehicle Maintenance, the newest feature available on the Whelen Cloud Platform (WCP®), helps fleet managers easily keep track of important vehicle data like service schedules, mileage, and engine hours. The revolutionary feature is designed to ensure your fleet’s health, extend its lifespan, and save valuable time and money.

No more manual record-keeping and spreadsheets!

Maintenance automatically creates and logs maintenance schedules for oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and more. Maintenance offers comprehensive vehicle tracking including engine hours, mileage, and state inspections ensuring your fleet stays up-to-date and in peak performance without the hassle of manual record-keeping. And, it provides detailed check engine code insight, enabling fleet managers to make informed decisions on necessary repairs. WCP’s Maintenance feature is a must-have tool in fleet management, keeping vehicles response-ready for emergencies.

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