Whelen Engineering and LYT Announce Partnership For Emergency Vehicle Preemption Solutions


Whelen Cloud Platform® Combines with Cutting-Edge LYT.emergency
Vehicle Preemption Solution To Improve Emergency Vehicle Response


Chester, CT – Whelen Engineering is proud to announce a new partnership with LYT, a leader in intelligent connected traffic technology, that will further expand the traffic preemption capabilities of its advanced safety solution, the Whelen Cloud Platform® (WCP®).

The Whelen Cloud Platform is a cloud-based vehicle communication platform that sends and receives data through cellular networks. Prominent features of the WCP include the ability to manage vehicle configurations and firmware updates remotely, create faster response times with real-time information to pinpoint vehicle locations, and easily organize fleets with Whelen product information.

Whelen’s partnership with LYT will enable police, fire, EMS and other fleets to deploy preemption capabilities in any vehicle, making emergency response and roadways safer throughout communities. LYT.emergency NextGen emergency preemption solution enables traffic signals to adjust, based on real-time congestion, traffic in advance of approaching emergency vehicles.

“This new partnership with LYT is another example of Whelen’s dedication to increasing safety for first responders and everyone on the road,” said Burak Unalmiser, Head of Strategic Cloud Partnerships for Whelen. “We never stop looking for ways to expand the safety features offered through the Whelen Cloud Platform, so we are extremely excited about bringing LYT’s emergency preemption capabilities to our userbase.”

“Crisis situations demand swift and effective responses, and with Whelen’s partnership our combined cloud-based, AI-powered emergency preemption technology allows us to safeguard communities nationwide,” said Tim Menard, CEO and Founder of LYT. “By leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence and the scalability of cloud computing, we can anticipate, mitigate, and respond to emergencies with unprecedented speed and precision. This innovative partnership not only enhances public safety but also underscores our commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology for the betterment of society to build safer, more resilient communities for generations to come.”

About Whelen Engineering

Since 1952, Whelen Engineering has been a proud ally and supporter of our nation’s first responders. Driven by a mission to protect those who others, Whelen provides the high quality, reliable products and technology needed to aid them in their critical missions. From warning lights to white illumination, sirens, controllers, and software, every product that bears the Whelen name has been thoughtfully designed, manufactured, and tested right here in America to perform at the highest level in any condition. Whelen strives to ensure that the everyday heroes serving under the illumination and protection of its products are equipped to do their jobs with enhanced efficiency, reliability, and safety.

About LYT  

LYT is the leading provider of NextGen intelligent connected traffic technologies that orchestrates today’s Intelligent Transportation Systems. LYT’s AI-powered, open architecture, machine learning technology enables a suite of transit signal priority and emergency vehicle preemption solutions that utilize pre-existing vehicle tracking sensors and city communication networks to dynamically adjust the phase and timing of traffic signals to provide sufficient green clearance time while minimally impacting cross traffic. LYT is headquartered in Silicon Valley and serves municipalities across the US and Canada.


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