Core-R™ DOT

Our popular Core-R control system is now available for DOT systems!

Core-R DOT is engineered to enhance operator and motorist safety with complete configurability, advanced automation, remote connectivity, and true system synchronization through the industry’s
smartest and most powerful CAN-based communication system, WeCanX®. This proprietary technology combines unrivaled sophistication with lightning-fast speed, expanded peripheral add-ons and full diagnostic support.

  • Automatic Brake/Tail/Turn override to temporarily shut off warning lights around engaged brake lights and turn signals, improving vehicle visibility
  • Durable junction box housing to protect components and wiring from harsh weather
  • Modular design for quick and easy installation in a variety of locations and tight spaces
  • Advanced safety features through Whelen’s proprietary and industry leading WeCanX® protocol
  • Optional modules to enhance safety include DVI™ flash patterns and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Sync
  • Whelen Cloud Platform® capable for remote firmware updates

Core-R DOT can be expanded and configured any way imaginable with WeCanX devices and enabled lightbars.

  • Legacy®, Liberty™ II, Freedom® IV, Inner Edge® FST™ & RST™
  • External Amplifier, External Howler™ Siren
  • Arges®
  • Tracer™ WeCanX

WeCanX is the smartest and most powerful CAN-based communication system we’ve ever engineered, and is designed for optimal situational awareness programming. WeCanX processes over 65,000 virtual inputs and supports numerous combinations of WeCanX devices, including support for multiple Whelen peripherals of the same type on the same vehicle. All CANport™ signals are configurable as triggerable events.

Ground switched for Whelen capability • 9 conductor • Uses the current 12 position commercial Mate-N-Lok™ connector. Optional, sold separately.

Integrate scene lights into WeCanX system control. Outputs can flash, dim, or gradually increase or decrease the light intensity of scene lights, further calming a scene. Optional, sold separately.

Synchronize the flash patterns of multiple vehicles. Includes 10-30 VDC power supply and diagnostic indicator.


  • Core-R DOT supports up to 99 WeCanX® devices.
  • 5-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 8.83″ W x 13.46″ D x 3.08″ H
  • Total Inputs: 12 or 16
  • Total Outputs: 16 or 32


  • 1 Ethernet Connection
  • 1 WeCanX Connection
  • 1 CANport™
  • 1 USB-A Host
  • 1 USB-C


  • OEM input switching
  • Hand-held combination microphone and controller
  • 2-Section control head (6 push-buttons, 4-position slide switch)
  • 3-Section control head (8 push-buttons, 4-position slide switch, 7-position rotary knob)
  • 3-Section control head (21 push-buttons, 4-position slide switch)