Freedom® IV
5 years warranty
WeCan X

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Whelen’s Freedom® IV Series features advanced Linear Super-LED® optics, DYAD™ two level technology, and 360° of contiguous light.

New WeCanX™ models available

Standard Model:

  • Low profile aluminum extrusion
  • Clear outer domes with clear dividers
  • Available in permanent mount with passenger side cable exit or mode specific driver side option
  • Color domes for center and end sections with optional alley window
  • Hard-coated lenses

Rota-Beam™ Models:

  • Freedom IV F4R Rota-Beam Series Super-LED Lightbars, includes four half corner Super-LED beacons
  • Designed without any moving parts or motors, for long life reliability

DYAD Models:

  • Newly designed corner modules blend light together for 360° of contiguous light
  • Plug & Play into Whelen or vehicle manufactured controllers*
  • Point to point wiring between the I/O board and each lighthead
  • Collimator™ optic design
  • Advanced thermal design
  • Aluminum top
  • Center dividers with LIM (liquid injection molded) seals
  • Hard-coated lenses

* WeCan models only

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit


Freedom IV



12 VDC
Amps 2.2 amps (average) *
Electronics 100% solid-state
Technology Linear Super-LED
Certifications SAE Class 1
Warranty Five year warranty

* Rota-Beam models


Rota-Beam Models

Color modules Amber




Flash Patterns Multiple

DYAD Models:

Optic Technology WeCan® DYAD™ two level technology (single or two color)

allows for individual control of each level of each lighthead, or

Low Current DYAD™ two level technology (single color)

allows for individual control of each lighthead segment (2×2)


Flash Patterns Unlimited*
Add-ons Photocelll

Up to 16 optional directional modules

Smoked lenses and dividers

Color domes

Alley and take-down light options

* WeCan models only