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Behind the Innovation | Greg Voelker

Meet Greg Voelker, Mechanical Engineer, Fire Chief, and motorcycle enthusiast.  

Crafting a Solution

We bring together expansive knowledge and state-of-the-art resources to turn ideas into real-world impact as efficiently as possible.

The Whelen Archives | Our Bright Past with Funeral Lighting

There is no better time than October to learn about Whelen’s bright past with funeral lighting.

Product Spotlight | ION™ Series

ION Family Lightheads Take Versatility and Optic Advancement Further in a Compact Design

The Whelen Archives | Continuous Lighting Advancements

Whelen has continuously utilized the most innovative lighting technology within our products. From the halogen lamps of the 1950s to the most advanced LEDs [...]

Crafting Whelen’s New Design

As our innovations evolve to meet the changing needs of first responders worldwide, our company has also evolved. Whelen has a new brand identity [...]


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