The Arges Advantage

Every day, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMTs respond to active scenes where they are expected to think and act without hesitation knowing that every split-second decision they make could determine their success or failure, and ultimately decide the fate of those they seek to serve and protect. In these critical situations where every second counts and lives are on the line, first responders must be able to trust that the tools and technology they are provided with will assist them in moving urgently, efficiently, and safely.

As the leading manufacturer of emergency warning and illumination products, and as a team full of many retired and active first responders, we understand the complex, ever-changing environment our law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMTs are called to serve in. Guided by our mission to protect those who serve and protect others, we constantly challenge ourselves to think beyond the way things have always been done, driving the innovation and evolution of products and technologies that will help our first responders safely operate at the highest level.

In line with this mission, Arges® emerges as a game-changer in spotlight technology—designed to enhance officers’ safety and performance. With full 360° visibility and cutting-edge features like never-before-seen programming and automation, Arges is setting the bar for what emergency fleets need, and making a real difference in how things get done.

Arges Remote Spotlight leads the way forward on this Tahoe from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office in Milton, Florida.

The Power of Core Programming

At the heart of Arges’ enhanced capabilities is CenCom Core®, our industry-leading vehicle control system that provides a level of customization and automation that does not exist in traditional spotlights. Using Whelen Command® software, Arges becomes an adaptive and versatile tool that can be tailored to any specifications, automatically providing you with exactly what you need when you need it. “The only limitation to what Arges can do is your programming capabilities,” says Steve Sullivan, Custom Projects and Vehicle Installer at Whelen. “Virtually anything you can imagine can be programmed into its functions.”

As Sullivan says, Arges has unlimited potential when paired with Core offering such features as:

  • Steering Wheel Sweep: A unique feature that enhances precision, Arges can be programmed to move in coordination with the vehicle’s steering wheel ensuring that the spotlight is always appropriately positioned in the direction of the vehicle and providing optimal visibility.
  • Predetermined Positioning: Arges can be programmed to act as alley lights or take-down lights, adjusting its position based on the activation of other vehicle lights and enhancing the overall functionality in specific scenarios.
  • Intersection Sweep: In high-risk scenarios such as clearing intersections, Arges can be programmed to utilize lighting patterns to effectively attract attention and alert motorists to the presence of emergency vehicles.

See Arges in action by checking out our video playlist HERE

Enhanced Situational Awareness, Increased Safety

As a volunteer firefighter and seasoned EVT, Whelen’s Shawn Redmond understands the value of uncomplicated technology in emergency response vehicles. “Emergency responders operate in high-stress situations, often with limited information, relying heavily on years of experience to navigate complicated emergency scenes successfully,” says Redmond. “The technology they use shouldn’t make their jobs harder.”

Building on this insight, the seamless integration and user-friendly design of Arges with CenCom Core redefine the landscape of operational efficiency. Intuitive controls and automation features empower first responders by eliminating the need for manual spotlight manipulation and allowing them to concentrate on the task at hand. This ease of use translates into a significant reduction in distractions, providing a crucial advantage in critical situations. As first responders navigate the complexities of their duties, the simplified yet powerful interface of Arges enhances situational awareness, and in turn contributes to a safer operational environment.

This Chevy Tahoe from the Pensacola Police Department in Pensacola, Florida is fully equipped with both driver and passenger side Arges Remote Spotlights.

Versality Ensures Officer Agility

In complex, and often chaotic, scenarios that can change minute-by-minute, adaptability is not just an important feature but a necessity for ensuring optimal performance and safety. In such dynamic situations, Arges champions versatility by also offering a manual operation mode in addition to automatic programming. Unlike traditional spotlights constrained by limited functionalities, the ability to switch between manual and automatic operational modes allows Arges to provide maximum adaptability and agility for first responders. Arges can be controlled from a paddle within the vehicle but can also be operated outside the vehicle allowing first responders to put the light where it’s needed most in any scenario. This dual functionality ensures that first responders possess the right tool at the right time and offers an extra layer of control unparalleled in traditional spotlight technology.

Arges is easily maneuvered via a control head paddle within the vehicle.

Is Arges a Good Fit for Your Fleet?

Arges is a testament to the power of Whelen’s innovation in first responder technology. Its unmatched programming and automation capabilities not only redefine what a spotlight can do but also contribute to the safety and efficiency of first responders, reinforcing our critical mission of protecting those who protect and serve others. As Arges continues to light the path forward, it sets a new standard for not only what is possible in the world of spotlight technology, but also what is absolutely necessary for today’s first responders and the communities they serve.

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