Digital Alerts

MA:0041 • 4/09/2023

Digital Alerts Make Roadways Safer for Everyone
The Whelen Cloud Platform® (WCP®) now offers digital alerts through Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert, a cloud-based connected safety platform that enables the sharing of critical information between vehicles, infrastructure, and emergency services. The integration of these two platforms will enhance emergency response times and improve the safety of first responders and the motoring public. With WCP, users get access to new features like digital alerts as soon as they are released.

Responder-to-Vehicle Digital Alerts
Responder-to-Vehicle digital alerting works through WCP® and Whelen’s Vehicle Safety Gateway® to allow responders to send advance-warning digital alerts to motorists to notify them when emergency vehicles are approaching or stopped ahead. Real-time notifications are sent through navigation apps and vehicle infotainment systems up to 30 seconds in advance, reducing the likelihood of a collision by as much as 90% and improving situational awareness for all drivers on the road. The Whelen Cloud Platform is the best way to keep your fleet up-to-date, manage vehicle configurations, and more, all with the goal of creating faster response times and enhancing the safety of first responders.

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