MA:0058 • 10/19/2023

Introducing Simulate™, the newest addition to our library of innovative web applications that saves time and simplifies programming vehicle configurations. In a few easy steps, Simulate allows users to upload their Whelen Command® WeCanX® configurations and replicate how they will look and sound on a vehicle. Simulate allows users to see and hear their configurations before connecting lightbars, lightheads, and CenCom Core® control systems to a vehicle.

With Simulate, you can view all sides of the vehicle to verify programming is correct, and if changes are needed, easily make updates in Command and reupload the file for verification. Add products like the Edge® 9X lightbar, Arges® Remote Spotlight, and Tracer™ WeCanX® to your vehicle in Simulate to see how the light patterns look BEFORE adding them to your vehicle!

Simulate saves time and streamlines programming by allowing users to verify configurations from anywhere, share simulations with other users, and troubleshoot configurations all before transferring them to a vehicle.

Like other Whelen web-based applications, more features and updates will be added to Simulate as they’re developed, and users can access them as soon as they are released. Please contact the Technical Support Group (TSG) at 860-526-9504 with any questions.



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