Advanced Placement Take-Down™ for Liberty™ II Lightbars

MA:0057 • 10/16/2023

The Advanced Placement Take-Down™ with SmartFocus Technology™ is our revolutionary new take-down light that enhances safety at nighttime traffic stops for both law enforcement officers and the motoring public. Traffic stops on busy or dimly lit highways present safety risks to both law enforcement officers and drivers. The intense glare of an emergency vehicle’s white lighting reflecting off a stopped vehicle’s side or rearview mirrors can compromise the vision and safety of officers, while widespread white lighting can blind oncoming traffic. AP Take-Downs give
officers the flexibility and control to direct white lighting at traffic stops without compromising their vision or that of oncoming traffic.

Developed alongside a high-traffic state highway patrol agency, they feature two beam options, an ultra-focused spotlight for laser-like focus on the vehicle ahead, and a slightly wider spread for expanding the white light around the vehicle when necessary. Officers can seamlessly “beam shift” between the two light spreads, easily adapting to different scenarios on the fly. This precision and control create a safe and secure working environment for both officers and other drivers, minimizing potential hazards during nighttime traffic stops. The Advanced Placement TakeDown with SmartFocus Technology is designed to maximize highway safety, minimize risks, and revolutionize traffic management!

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