V2V Sync Embedded Lightbar Option

MA:0056 • 10/16/2023

Tap into the safety benefits of a synchronized fleet faster than ever with our new Vehicle-to-Vehicle Sync (V2V Sync) option for WeCanX® Legacy®, Liberty™ II, and Freedom® IV lightbars. Now, you have the option of ordering these lightbars with the V2V antenna already embedded inside, eliminating the need for installing and wiring a separate module. V2V Sync is Whelen’s ground-breaking technology that revolutionized nighttime safety through synchronized flash patterns and siren tones, improving motorists’ response times and ability to safely navigate around
emergency scenes and work zones. Save time and experience the enhanced safety of coordination with our new V2V Sync option for WeCanX lightbars!

The new V2V Sync option is only available for SOLO™, DUO™, and TRIO™ models of WeCanX Legacy, Liberty II, and Freedom IV lightbars and is configured through WeCad™ software.

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