Product Spotlight | ION™ Series

ION Family Lightheads Take Versatility and Optic Advancement Further in a Compact Design.

Introduced in 2010 as a powerful yet compact lighthead designed for mounting versatility, the bestselling ION has earned a remarkable reputation in the industry. The ION has undergone many technology shifts over the last decade – while always being an essential part of a vehicle configuration.

The evolution of the ION family has been developed through each new model, providing first responders with a variety of options to meet their needs in any situation.

In 2019, we used over 552,000 LEDs in our ION family of products.

What Defines ION Family Lightheads?

ION’s small oval shape, powerful light output, durable construction, and easy to program syncing capabilities are paramount to its design. ION lightheads utilize Whelen’s metal housings to withstand any environment and are available in a variety of optics to meet all lighting requirements.

Its various mounting options allow it to be installed in any area of the vehicle, adding warning or illumination light wherever it’s needed – from the grille to the bumper, and everywhere in between.

Behind the Optics

ION Series

ION Series

The original ION is available with SOLO™, DUO™, or TRIO™ optic technology. SOLO models offer standard or wide-angle optics and feature a single LED color for a full light spread. DUO and TRIO models offer Linear-LED® optics with two or three color interleaved LEDs, creating more lighting variations within a single, economic lighthead.

ION V-Series™

ION V-Series

V-Series models utilize multiple planes of light in a single lighthead. Combination models provide 180° wide-angle warning, illumination, and puddle lighting, creating several lighting options within a single unit. Single-color models utilize the same lens shape to provide 180° warning. By utilizing a single-color LED throughout the lighthead, warning light output is increased for higher visibility at the parallel of the vehicle, off-angle, and to the vehicle sides.

ION T-Series™ & ION Mini T-Series

ION T-Series & Mini T-Series

The newest addition to the ION family was engineered to be installed in even the smallest of spaces while maintaining the light output ION lightheads are known for. ION T-Series and Mini T-Series models have a depth of only 0.5” and feature SOLO or DUO technology with Linear-LED optics.

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