Crafting a Solution

From ideation to production, all Whelen products are proudly designed and crafted in America. We bring together expansive knowledge and state-of-the-art resources to turn ideas into real-world solutions. Engineering excellenceprocess efficiency, and on-site testing labs in both our New Hampshire and Connecticut facilities ensure the highest quality final product, one that you can trust to perform. 

Innovation & Ideation

Our innovation is guided by creativity, firsthand experience, process, and engineering excellence. The use of our several state-of-the-art 3D printers allows for rapid prototyping of our innovations. With this technology, our engineers can design and test customized partsWe quickly and accurately test fit on vehicles, learning, and changing designs throughout the development process. Our AMECA accredited on-site test lab provides us access to testing equipment early in the design process. These are just a few of the steps we take to be confident that our final products will perform when put to the test in the field.   

Our engineering capabilities along with the dedication to performance help us lead the industry in breakthrough product development from control systems to high-powered warning lights. We analyze first responders’ most crucial problems and apply divergent thinking to identify all possible solutions with speed and integrity. 

Our Production Values

Between our two production facilities in New England, we have nearly one million square feet of manufacturing space and roughly 1,200 employees. We believe in using both next-level technology and hand craftsmanship to produce our products in the most high-quality and efficient manner. 

Throughout our production floors, we have 22 robots that optimize productivity in certain departments. Tasks that used to be done completely by hand can be done quicker with assistance from these high-tech machines.  

We also utilize handmade production processes in many areas of our facilities, giving us the flexibility to customize lighting products to accommodate the unique needs of all our customers. With quality as our foundation, we work hard to ensure our products are built to withstand any harsh environment our first responders may encounter, and our attention to detail reflects that. We celebrate thoughtful engineering and production in every product we produce.