Whelen 2020: A Year in Review

As 2020 comes to an end, we wanted to take some time to reflect on our year at Whelen. When the year began, no one had any idea what was to come. As the coronavirus pandemic unraveled before us, we faced challenges we never imagined – but we persevered.

We have a lot to be proud of this year at Whelen. Here are a few highlights.

Our People

The Whelen team rose to the challenge of a very difficult year. We worked together and supported one another through extreme uncertainty. We evolved and adjusted to learning remote work and new onsite safety practices. We rallied together and kept our facilities open, meeting all this year’s challenges head-on and helping our communities when they needed it most.

Our Work

We introduced two revolutionary products this year that we are incredibly proud of, the Arges® Remote Spotlight and CenCom Core™. Both products showcase Whelen’s continuous advancement of first responder safety.


We also launched two new technologies available with CenCom Core designed to add an advanced level of safety when on-scene. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Sync allows all emergency vehicles to display the same patterns in unison, and Dynamic Variable Intensity (DVI™) patterns gradually increase and decrease warning light intensity during nighttime scenes. These technologies better convey visual information to motorists as they navigate emergency scenes.

The Whelen Way

In April, as the world was only beginning to grapple with the Coronavirus pandemic, we found a new way to support our communities by designing and manufacturing PPE in our Connecticut and New Hampshire facilities. We donated these supplies to first responders and healthcare workers nationwide who were working on the front lines of this pandemic. We worked together, reorganized some of our production facilities, and utilized our manufacturing resources to support those who support us every day. Learn more about our PPE manufacturing here.

A New Whelen

This year, we also launched our brand-new website along with a new look for the Whelen brand. We wanted our web experience to be customized, intuitive, and easy to navigate. With our new brand identity, we wanted to showcase our three divisions and create visual harmony. The Whelen Waves are an all-new element of our brand identity that we are very excited about. You can read more about our new brand identity here.

Fun Times Were Had

Despite the general tone of 2020, we managed to have a bit of fun. When George wanted to participate in a K9 takedown, our friends at Clinton Police Department made his dream come true.

A Year of Change

In November, we announced that Geoff Marsh, former COO, has been named President and CEO, and former President and CEO George W Whelen V has been named Executive Vice President and has been elected to Whelen’s Board of Directors.

This new leadership structure will enable us to drive future success by nurturing our current strengths while simultaneously developing new capabilities. This combination of stability and creativity ensures that we will lead the market for generations. Learn more about our strategic leadership updates here.

. . .

We are excited to embark on a new year and we have so much in store. We will continue to drive innovation, deliver the best sales support, and manufacture the highest quality products to serve those who serve others. We can’t wait to see where our bright future will take us.

Everyone at Whelen wishes you a safe, happy, and healthy 2021!