PFE 2021 Recap

We want to thank everyone who was able to stop by Whelen’s booth while we were at PFE 2021. Over the course of the event, we were able to introduce several new products and features. These innovations and advancements position us ahead of our competitors as we continue to lead the market into the next generation of officer safety.

Take a look below at some of the highlights from this year’s show.

Introducing The Whelen Cloud Platform®

The Whelen Cloud Platform (WCP) delivers a multitude of capabilities for fleet management and safety. Using the Vehicle Safety Gateway® (VSG®), it bridges connectivity into next-generation analytics and software along with over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, all while helping first responders make life-saving decisions through telemetric and GPS-based data. The Cloud positions Whelen to continue to lead the industry with safety innovations.

Integration with Opticom™ Emergency Vehicle Preemption

Working with GTT, the Whelen Cloud Platform will be integrated with Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP). Opticom clears the intersection and gives officers the green light to safely respond to emergencies. This technology has been proven to reduce intersection crash rates by up to 70% while enabling officers to arrive up to 25% faster. This addition to the Whelen Cloud Platform adds another level of safety for officers as they are in response mode.

All-new Analytics Through the Whelen Cloud Platform

The new analytics feature in WCP allows users to easily store, gather, and visualize vehicle and fleet statistics to generate custom reports. Users can view vehicle status statistics, heatmaps indicating where vehicles travel the most, and response mode information such as speed and location.

Experience Ultimate Control with CenCom Core®

Launched at PFE 2019, CenCom Core continues to be the smartest and most powerful CAN-based communication system in the industry. CenCom Core is a system created to enhance officer safety with advanced automation and remote connectivity. Featuring Dynamic Variable Intensity™ patterns, Vehicle-to-Vehicle sync, and advanced customization, Core redefines what is possible for vehicle control systems.

Thank you for those who were able to visit Whelen at PFE 2021. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

To learn more about any of Whelen’s products, please visit our website.