FDIC 2022 Recap

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth in the Indiana Convention Center for FDIC 2022! We had a record turnout and the response to our booth was fantastic. We unveiled a highly anticipated immersive experience and introduced several new and updated products. We heard lots of great feedback from visitors like, “Whelen has done it again!” and “These innovations will really help first responders on-scene to do our jobs safely!”

If you couldn’t attend the show in-person, read on to learn more about the event!

The Future of Enhanced Nighttime Safety
There was a lot of excitement and anticipation leading up to the event as people guessed what was “under the dome” as more than 1,200 attendees took part in our experiential demonstration. Our team recreated a realistic nighttime emergency scene including Fire and EMS vehicles with lights and sirens to show the visual and auditory chaos of a typical emergency scene. The before-and-after presentation allowed visitors to experience the significant calming effect that our Core® control systems, Dynamic Variable Intensity (DVI™) enabled products and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Synchronization have on a scene. After seeing our presentation one attendee said, “This experience really captured the reality of emergency scenes and will certainly increase on-scene safety for first responders and motorists.”

DVI patterns enhance our situation-based nighttime mode and create a safer and calmer environment for first responders by gradually increasing and decreasing warning light intensity. One first responder at our booth was excited to see the new technology in action. “These innovations will really help at night,” he said. “Flashing lights everywhere are a distraction and makes it difficult for us. Calming down the light intensity and patterns is a big plus!” he continued.

Introducing New Products!
Another highlight of the show was introducing several new products! From new scene lights and a brand new lightbar, to innovative technology upgrades to our Whelen Cloud Platform®, there was something for everyone!

Whelen Cloud Platform® with GTT Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption
Every minute matters when responding to an emergency. In partnership with Global Traffic Technologies (GTT), Whelen Cloud Platform is now integrated with Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP), allowing police, fire, and EMS vehicles to get to emergency scenes safely and quickly. EVP technology automatically clears intersection traffic signals based on the responding status of emergency vehicles, giving them the right of way, and enabling help to arrive up to 25% faster while reducing intersection crash rates by up to 70%!

New EZ Scene Lights!
Our popular and reliable M9 and 900 Series scene lights just got even better! We introduced the all new M9 EZ and 900 EZ Scene Lights with expanded zone efficiency, enhanced optics, and increased functionality. With multiple turn-on styles, three low-power situational illumination settings, and vast configurability, the EZ Scene Lights dynamic functionality lets you put the light where you need it the most.

WeCanX® 2250
We were also excited to introduce a new lightbar at FDIC! The WeCanX® 2250, is sleek, powerful, and configurable. It combines the performance and reliability of our ION™-T Series with the customization of WeCanX® and is slimmer than our popular 4500 series. Its slim profile makes it an ideal lighting solution for a wide range of vehicle applications, and it features warning options and aerial recognition!

Additional Products Featured:

Perimeter Enhancement Lights
WeCanX® Tracer™
Core® Control Systems

Our new lights and technology introductions were definitely a hit at the show! “We were thrilled to see the amazing turnout in our booth and hear the excitement from those who were there,” said Whelen Engineering’s Product Manager, Jon Sestrom . “The response to our new products blew us away! We can’t wait for next year.” he added.

Thank you again to those who were able to visit Whelen at FDIC 2022. To learn more about the products mentioned in this article, check out our FDIC 2022 page. And stay tuned… we’re already planning new and exciting things for FDIC in 2023!