WeCanX® Flag Wows Our Fans

We take immense pride in manufacturing emergency warning lights and sirens that serve a vital role in keeping people and communities safe. But we’re always excited for the opportunity to build something just for fun! So, we thought it would be fitting to celebrate the 4th of July holiday with a custom-made American flag made from Whelen lights—all manufactured in America. We have an amazing team whose knowledge and expertise brought this exciting project to life. And we received so much positive feedback from our social media post that we’ve decided to share a behind-the-scenes peek at what went into this project.

Steve Sullivan and Shawn Redmond, Custom Projects and Vehicle Installers, and David Woods and Mitchell Everett, Maintenance, are the crew behind the unique and patriotic build. When presented with the idea the team designed, built, and programmed the flag in our Chester, CT facility. They used 13 Tracer™ WeCanX® lightbars for the stripes and 99 OS™ Series lightheads for the stars. “This was an exciting project to work on,” said Redmond. Once the flag was built, they used Whelen Command® software to program the lights’ flash patterns to simulate a flag waving. “American innovation and manufacturing are an integral part of the Whelen culture, so it was symbolic to use our products to create an American flag,” Redmond added. “We’re glad everyone loved it!” he finished.

WeCanX flag on display in the install garage in Chester, CT.

As a company committed to innovation, community safety, and innovative American manufacturing, we couldn’t be prouder to showcase our products in this fun and patriotic project. Our lights play a pivotal role in safeguarding first responders every day, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to see them used in such a creative and inspiring way. And who knows, you might see it at a tradeshow or event in the future!

J.C. Watson, Creative Director, and Seth Sadoian, Videographer, filmed the flag in our photo studio in Chester, CT.