New Web Application Revolutionizes Emergency Vehicle Programming

When it comes to emergency vehicle lighting, precision is paramount. From police cruisers to fire trucks, the correct configuration of warning lights and sirens can make a significant impact on the safety of first responders and their emergency response time. Until now, programming has been a time-consuming process, often requiring physical tests and adjustments on the vehicle itself. Enter Simulate™, our groundbreaking web-based application that redefines vehicle configuration, making the process faster and more efficient.

In the past, setting up emergency vehicle lighting and siren systems involved transferring configurations to the vehicle and physically walking around the car to test and verify light patterns, siren tones, and other triggerable events. With Simulate, you can upload your Whelen Command® WeCanX® configurations and replicate how they will appear and sound on your vehicle BEFORE adding them to the vehicle. You can view all sides of the vehicle to verify programming is correct, and if changes are needed, easily make updates in Command and reupload the file for verification. This approach eliminates the need to wait for a vehicle to be completed before functional testing begins, saving time and increasing overall operational efficiency.

“Simulate is a game-changer for vehicle programming,” said Omeed Kennedy, Product Manager at Whelen Engineering who led the development of the software. “It simplifies program validation, ensures accuracy, and significantly reduces the time and resources required for programming and installing warning systems,” continued Kennedy. “Additionally, it empowers salespersons, technicians, and other support teams to better serve their customers, no matter where they’re located.”

Simulate is a free web-based application now available to everyone. New features and updates are already in development and will be released to Simulate as soon as they’re available.

In just a few easy steps, you can transfer your vehicle configuration with confidence!

  • Visit
  • Create a free account
  • Choose vehicle type
  • Upload Command configuration
  • Place lights, outputs, control systems, and devices on vehicle
  • Simulate!

Key Features

  • Instant Configuration Verification: Simulate makes it quick and easy to upload, view, and verify your configurations.
  • 360° Inspection: View all sides of your vehicle to ensure the programming is correct before installation.
  • Easy Updates: If changes are needed, you can make updates within Command and reupload the file for verification.
  • Product Integration: Preview how products like the Edge® 9X lightbar, Tracer™ WeCanX®, and Arges® Remote Spotlight look and sound before physically adding them to your vehicle.
  • Accessible: Simulate is free to use and available to everyone, regardless of location.


  • Saves Time: Simulate reduces the time needed to properly configure a vehicle.
  • Remote Sales Support: Sales teams can use Simulate to assist customers without being physically present.
  • Training and Technical Support Tool: Simulate facilitates remote assistance, making it easier for training and technical support groups to provide customer service.

Simulate is a significant step toward enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency vehicle installations. It’s an innovative tool that not only saves valuable time for installers but empowers our sales, training, and technical support teams to provide superior customer service.