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The Arges Advantage

Arges® Remote Spotlight is engineered to protect first responders everywhere.

Connecticut Community Volunteer Named 2023 Whelen Everyday Champion!

Sandy Voss of Clinton, CT, will be honored at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in January.

Streamline Fleet Management with Vehicle Maintenance Feature on the Whelen Cloud Platform®

Staying on top of vehicle maintenance is crucial for fleet managers. Regular servicing and upkeep not only extend the lifespan

New Web Application Revolutionizes Emergency Vehicle Programming

When it comes to emergency vehicle lighting, precision is paramount. From police cruisers to fire trucks, the correct configuration of

Analog Meets Digital: Revolutionizing Emergency Scene Safety for Firefighters

In emergency situations, the safety of firefighters and other first responders is of paramount importance.

Help Us Find Our 2023 Whelen Everyday Champion!

It’s that time of year again and the search is underway for our 2023 Whelen Everyday Champion! Each year our


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